PowerPoint is arguably the best presentation software out there. It has a history of being the first of kind software of providing many features to users for creating the ultimate presentation. However, it can be rather time-consuming to use PowerPoint. Why should you create everything from scratch when there are plenty of templates out there for you to use? It can be downright difficult to make new slides, let alone insert critical information in them. Having been around for ages had allowed PowerPoint to have an abundance of resources for one to use.

Anyone can easily download professional and beautifully designed templates for PowerPoint to create legendary slides. It is vital for Keynote speakers to make use of these templates to relieve them of creating new slides. This allows them to focus on their work and to create amazing presentations which “wow” their audiences.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, not many people are able to create beautiful and stylish presentations as they require high design skills. That is why there are tens of thousands of PowerPoint templates for them to choose from. These templates cover just about every topic. This post looks at the 7 best sources of PowerPoint templates for you to choose from. Instantly download the PowerPoint template that you need as most of the sources do not require any type of registration.


Built-In PowerPoint Templates

Before moving on to the 7 best sources of PowerPoint templates, it is worth mentioning that there are a few hundred templates on PowerPoint itself. All you need to do is open PowerPoint and you will come across the 30 or so templates on the thumbnail images.


Do you want to try out one of the best PowerPoint sources out there? Are you in the mood spicing things up with your PowerPoint presentation? Then you need to head over to PSLIDES.com as it offers the best PowerPoint Templates for everyone.

With over 12,000 PowerPoint templates to choose from, PSLIDES has got you covered. Download 100 percent editable PowerPoint templates instantly and create high-quality presentations in the shortest time possible. Just after its launch in 2016, it offers amazing free PowerPoint Templates and a range of premium options. Choose from any of the education PowerPoint templates, PowerPoint certificates and many more. Enhance the appeal of your presentation with PSLIDES.

Regular users of PowerPoint rely on PSLIDES to create the best presentations. The slides will help improve your performance at board meetings, classes and while conducting business presentations. PSLIDES offers one of the most extensive ranges of Google and PowerPoint slides which can be downloaded from anywhere. Whatever the requirements of your industry, you can be rest assured that there is a PowerPoint template on PSLIDES.

Find out more by searching the templates on the website using the search box. Suggested searches can be clicked to see all types of options and go through the long list of categories.

  1. Power-User

Power-User offers beautiful templates for PowerPoint directly, even when offline. It is a powerful resource which PowerPoint enthusiasts can use to create captivating presentations. Insert any of the hundreds of stunning templates with design directly onto the presentations. The platform boasts a library of over 300 aesthetically pleasing templates.

Your favorite slides can be saved in “My Templates” and accessed later onwards. Presentations will be a walk in the park with Power-User.  There is also the option of “My Company Templates” which will show the shared library and allow it to be accessed by a number of users. It is perfect for teams and teams. A single administrator will add and update slides for all the group members.

With 2000 icons, great charts, 125 editable maps and diagrams including formatting tools for saving time on Excel and PowerPoint. It can be used for just about everything. Easily create amazing slides with powerful tools at your disposal. The presentations will seem like as if they have been created y a designer.

  1. Slide Model

If you a variety of professional PowerPoint themes and templates to choose from, then Slide Model is just what you need. The website provides over 2000 PowerPoint designs and templates. These are of professional quality. With subscription, unlimited downloads are offered for a year. There are also many PowerPoint shapes, maps, and diagrams. Slide Model is extremely helpful for designing presentations in the shortest amount of time.

  1. Powered Template

There are only a few sources which offer the best powerful templates and Powered Template is one of them. It provides an extensive range of royalty-free templates that are beautifully designed. The templates can be used for various purposes such as personal projects and business presentations. Users can download templates through a subscription plan or either individually. Although, most of the templates are for PowerPoint, there are also some for Google Slides.

  1. Envato Elements

Do you want your templates to have the designer feel? Then all you need is Envato Elements. It offers templates which have been made by designers. Visual elements from a wide number of creative designers are gathered by Envato Elements. Users will need to pay a monthly free in order to get unlimited download for downloading from the 34,000 assets and 340,000 stock photos.

The best thing about Envato Elements is that you can easily download entire presentations for a specific topic such as Tourism in Pakistan and a sales representation. You can also choose from the templates and decks which are available for Google Slides and Keynote.

  1. AllPTT.com

If you are looking for free PowerPoint templates which offer great value, then AIIPPT.com is the place for them. There are more cover pages and backgrounds for presentations o n the platform. Design your presentation and make it stand out by using this amazing PowerPoint resource.

  1. Slide Geeks

Finally, Slide Geeks provides you with some of the most outstanding templates out there. It is easy to search for themes on the website. All the templates are of high quality and perfect for business presentations.