LED (Lighting Emitting Diode) treatment has become the hottest obsession of many people around the world. Varying LED wavelengths are used to help treat acne, promote anti-aging effects, and reduce inflammation. If you have any skincare issues, LED treatment just might be the best option. For those of you that suffer from acne, led treatment for acne offers promising results. When over-the-counter skin products are not able to offer you the results you need, LED treatment becomes the only option. Moreover, it is safe for all types of skin colours and does not cause any burning. The following drawbacks should be considered before you think about getting an LED treatment.

It might not be a safe option for someone who has an active skin disorder is taking certain medications.

The results are not necessarily guaranteed.

It is an expensive treatment.

It is crucial that you speak with your dermatologist about which LED treatment would work best for you.

Advantages of the LED Treatment

When you opt for LED treatment for acne, you can expect the following advantages.

  1. Safe and Gentle Procedure

One of the best things about LED treatment is that it is safe and gentle. The procedure does not take a very long time and you do not have to worry about any burning sensation. No matter how severe your acne might be, you can rest assured that the procedure would be safe. There are no safety issues that have been faced by people. Hence, the procedure will not cause you any harm. Besides, the procedure is very gentle. You will not feel any sensation whatsoever.

  1. Painless

Unlike many other treatments that cause significant pain, LED treatment tends to be painless. You will not experience any pain and will be able to carry on with your day once the treatment has been completed. As the procedure is painless, you can schedule an appointment without any concerns. The painless procedure makes it easy for you to visit the specialist multiple times for the desired results.

  1. Drug-Free

There are no drugs involved in the treatment. This means that you will not experience any side effects related to drugs and will feel active after the treatment instead of feeling tired or drowsy as experienced in other treatments. This drug-free treatment shows just how much technology has progressed and how easy it has become to get the desired results without any issues.

  1. Appropriate for All Body Areas

There is no restriction on which part of the body you can get an LED treatment for acne. The procedure is designed to be appropriate for every area of the body. Whether you need a treatment near your bosom or near your hips, you can expect it to be taken care of. Thus, you will get an acne-free body in no time so that you can flaunt it. Furthermore, you do not need to worry about avoiding the sun after the treatment unlike photodynamic therapy as there is no scarring is caused.

  1. Suitable With Other Acne Therapies

Since LED treatment for acne is drug-free and gentle, it is suitable for other acne therapies that you might be trying out. Thus, you get to experience its results without having to ditch your current therapy. You will be surprised by just how effective the procedure is at getting rid of acne.


How Much Will It Cost You?

One of the most important things that you need to consider when determining if you need LED treatment for acne is the cost of the treatment itself. Since insurance would most definitely not cover the therapy, you would have to pay the entire cost on your own. This is why you need to budget wisely. According to most online reviews about LED therapy, you should expect to pay around $25 to $85 depending on which area of the body you want to be treated and the part of the country where you reside. Keep in mind that most aestheticians suggest at least 10 sessions. This means that you should factor 10 sessions when determining how much the procedure would cost you. Many people are opting for home devices that cost about $25 to $250. It is a much cheaper option as you would get an LED device and can use it in the future. But, the results would not be as dramatic. LED therapy is a non-invasive therapy that you can try out on your own.

How Does It Work?

LED light therapy has been used for quite a while now. It was first used by the US Navy SEALs for treating wounds and regenerating damaged muscle tissues. Ever since then, more research has been conducted on the treatment and it has been used for different situations, especially when it comes to aesthetics. The treatment helps boost collagen and tissue production which help reduce the appearance of damage caused by acne, age spots, and wrinkles. It also smoothens out the skin. LED therapy makes use of different wavelengths or frequencies. These include blue and red light frequencies that do not contain any ultraviolet rays and the skin readily absorbs them. Blue light therapy is used for acne treatment. It is better explained below.

Blue Light Therapy

Blue LED light therapy focuses on the sebaceous glands or oil glands. These are located underneath the hair follicles. The sebaceous glands are vital as they help keep your hair and skin lubricated. They prevent them from drying out. But, these glands can become overactive which leads to acne and oil skin. Blue light therapy is used for targeting these glands to ensure that they are less active. This in turn leads to fewer acne breakouts. Moreover, the blue light also helps kill any bacteria underneath the skin that causes acne. Thus, it also helps treat nodules, cysts, and severe acne pimples.


Now that you have a better idea of the advantages of LED treatment for acne, you can decide if you should opt for the treatment or not.