The best Antiparos beaches (plus 2 surprise activities)


You might already know Paros island, but what about Antiparos?

We bet you have no clue why Antiparos is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations.


Are we right?

One thing is for sure. This little less known island of the Aegean Sea will surprise you with its calm atmosphere. In Antiparos it seems like time has stopped at the best summer of your life!

You can visit Antiparos directly or do a quick getaway to this island, while staying at a Paros hotel!


Do you want to know a secret?

The true highlight of Antiparos is its amazing beaches and water activities!


But what are the best beaches to visit and water activities to do while in Antiparos? Let’s dive in the magical world of Antiparos island!



Let’s start from the beaches

Like the rest of Cycladic islands, Antiparos has stunning beaches! Well, this is not quite a surprise, right? Antiparos beaches are known for their natural surroundings, relaxing atmosphere and shallow crystal clear waters. However, some of the best Antiparos beaches are Panagia beach, Psaraliki beach, Soros beach and Glifa beach.


Panagia beach Antiparos

Well, this is one of the most picturesque beaches in Antiparos! It is your best option for swimming, relaxing and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of the Cycladic nature. The best part about this beach? The sun is not a problem! Although the sun can get really hot during the day, the shade of the trees will protect you from its rays!


Psaraliki beach Antiparos


This is a beautiful sandy beach, actually divided in two separate beaches. There is Psaraliki I beach and Psaraliki II beach! Psaraliki I beach is preferred by tourists for swimming. Besides, Psaraliki II has the perfect party atmosphere!

The good thing about these beaches is that they are protected from the winds. This means they are the best choice for families with little kids. Families will have a great time, laying under the trees and playing with the sand all day!


Soros beach Antiparos

Want to visit a really popular beach in Antiparos? Don’t think too much. Soros beach is the place you’re searching for. And there’s a reason for that!

Soros beach is the biggest beach of Antiparos. It is an organized beach with umbrellas and sunbeds. Its atmosphere, though, is magical. Green trees are everywhere and the water is deep blue, creating a colorful scenery.


Are you hungry?

Then, don’t miss to eat delicious fresh fish and seafood at the taverns nearby!


Glifa beach Antiparos

Are you looking for a hideaway far from the noisy crowd? Then, you should go to Glifa beach Antiparos! This is another organized sandy beach with crystal clear waters, 6 km away from the main town. If you’re travelling with your family, this is a very good beach option for endless sand and water games!

Getting to Glifa beach is quite easy! You can reach it either by bus or by car.


Water activities in Antiparos

Two activities you should definitely try while in Antiparos are scuba diving and windsurfing! Wondering why is that? The landscape of Antiparos is perfect for such activities!

The underwater environment of Antiparos is one of the most impressive things you’ve ever seen! Just imagine shipwrecks, reefs and uninhabited islets waiting to be explored.

Sounds amazing, right? That’s why scuba diving is a must!

As for windsurfing, Antiparos will become one of your all time favorites! The best beach for windsurfing is, hands down, Psaraliki I beach. Whether you are just a beginner or an experienced surfer, the conditions are perfect for water adventures!


So, what does all this mean?

Antiparos is a one way destination for amazing beaches and fun water activities!


Aren’t you convinced yet?

You only have to visit Antiparos to experience its beauty with your own eyes!


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