The Best Cities to do an Internship

Singapore has become the hub of business activity in Asia in the past few years. It is also one of the most advanced countries in the region. If you want to take up a job in the future, you will have to gain experience for the job as it does matter a lot in the real world. During your years of study, you can grab any internship opportunities to gain the required experience as nothing beats real-world learning, no matter which field you may be interested in. Numerous internship opportunities are available in Singapore as the country progresses with time! A Singapore internship will really make your resume stand up and make it different, given the experience that you will be able to gain through the internship.

Internship experiences are very essential and will matter a lot when you apply for jobs. International internship experiences give you the right exposure and will also diversify your experience to a great extent. Employers really value the candidates that have a diversified skillset and have worked in different settings. Internship opportunities are available all over the world and there are a number of countries that will enhance your skills.

  1. Singapore:

Singapore is an ever progressing country and has become the hub of business activity in Asia. An internship opportunity in Singapore will improve your skills and give you a chance to diversify your skills. Moreover, you will be exposed to organizations that deal globally, and this will give you the required experience to enter the corporate world. Finance is one of the growing fields in Singapore as the banking sector is huge and has various employees. Other growing sectors include information Technology, Supply Chain, and Logistics.

  1. London:

London is one of the most attractive cities if you want to do an internship. The city has had a history in almost all fields including politics, arts, fashion, and music. Various multinational companies are located in London, and an internship with any one of them will make your resume stand out for sure. You will be able to expand your cultural experience and get to know how to deal with new people.

  1. Tokyo:

Surprised, aren’t you? Don’t underestimate Tokyo! It has become a hub for the computer geeks. Tokyo has experienced the modern era, but it still does not forget its culture. In a city like Tokyo, you will be able to see a dynamic environment as you will experience the Japanese working norms.

  1. Beijing:

Beijing is one of the best cities if you want to nag an internship this summer! If you are someone who has high level of energy, this is your place to be as it is fast paced and full of life! All sorts of positions will be available, from teaching to fashion weeks to business positions. There is a lot of international influence in Beijing as the city progresses more and more. Apart from the internship experience, you will also be able to enjoy the history and architecture of the city.