Tips for Using Instagram for Business

Complete Guide to Instagram for Business

Instagram will soon hit one billion active users per month. Over time Instagram has proven to be a valuable investment for marketing purposes. You can market your products to a more targeted audience. You just need ways to attract followers or you can just buy them from or It is also cheaper compared to traditional forms of paid advertising. It is a powerful platform for creating brand awareness. Using Instagram for business purposes, however, is not easy, especially if you have only operated personal accounts. Here, we are going to explore how you can use Instagram for business purposes.

1.   Open an Instagram Business Account

In case you have a personal account that accurately represents your brand or products, you can just turn it into a business account. If your personal account does represent your brand accurately, you can open a new Instagram personal account and convert it into a business account. An Instagram business account gives you access to business Instagram insights that show how your posts perform. Additionally, you can add links to your Instagram stories and make promoted posts on Instagram.

2.   Define Your Target Audience

Before you determine the type of content you will be posting on Instagram, you need to consider the people who will view it. Most Instagram users are people below the age of 35. Your target audience should include your current customers and potential customers. Understanding your target audience helps you determine the type of content they may want to see from you. Additionally, you need to create a huge following for your Instagram marketing strategy to be effective.

3.   Define Your Goals and Objectives

To create an effective Instagram strategy, you need to define your goals and objectives. What is it that you want to accomplish by using Instagram for business? Goals and objectives assist you to focus your effort towards achieving real business objectives.

4.   Post Relevant Content Regularly

Your Instagram followers will expect to see posts from you regularly. Do not fail them. Instagram is a visual social media platform. To attract and maintain your followers, you should carefully develop valuable and thoughtful content. However, you don’t want to overwhelm your audience with irrelevant and boring content to the point that they unfollow you.

5.   Engage with Your Audience

Followers feel valued and more connected to your brand when you engage with them regularly. There are various ways you can engage with your audience. They include:

  • Replying to the comments of your followers
  • Participate in comments threads
  • Give shout outs to your followers on your Instagram stories
  • Run contests or giveaways

6.   Use the Right Hashtags

With the right hashtags, your Instagram content is easy to find. Captions on Instagram posts are not searchable. Hashtags are searchable. Hashtags are an effective way of reaching people who are not already your followers.

7.   Promote Your Instagram Business Account on Other Platforms

In case you have established accounts on other social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, let your followers know about your Instagram business account. Ensure they know the type of content you share on your it so that they know it is worth to follow you there.


With ever-increasing users, Instagram has proven itself as a powerful social marketing platform. Do not be left out! Join and reap the amazing benefits.

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