The Best Gaming Mice You Can Buy In 2020

Playing games when you are a hardcore gamer also includes you having the right equipment or accessory that delivers the best gaming experience, even when it is for short or long hours. This could be done by choosing the right type of gaming mouse to be played in 2020. 

So, now you can know about the latest mice that are provided by Razer and have been considered one of the best for years by the experienced gamers:

  1. Razer Basilisk Ultimate

This gaming mouse is a highly customized product. It is brimmed with options and features that can leave your opponent to second guess about his win. It is basically 25 percent quicker than the other mice, which are wireless.

The click latency is very low while using this mouse. Then it also offers a higher transmission rate, so that the effect of the click is seen at a lightning-fast speed. It even cancels out the noises, disturbance, or any distortion of signals that normally occurs with the wireless devices.

Thus, this mouse is focused on delivering the best of the experience to its user even at a longer distance. Overall, it does not let you feel that you are using a wireless device at all.

  1. Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed

This gaming mouse is best for the adventurous, hunting, and chasing games to be played by the users through computing devices or monitors. It has a dual-mode, so you can choose when you want to operate on a wireless mouse or when you want to switch it back to the normal mode.

This gives you control over the feature of the mouse that you want to explore more with the precision and profitability of enriching gaming experience related to the extravagant performance delivered at the same time.

You can even focus on using this wireless gaming mouse with the help of the Bluetooth connection, just to extend its life and not let the gaming stop anytime soon. 

  1. Razer Viper Ultimate

This mouse is best for running through competition and playing time-bound or challenging games on the server or offline. Users can channelize their adrenaline rush by using this cutting-edge technological mouse that offers to give you a sure-shot win every time you jump into a competition.

It is yet again a wireless mouse, with 25 percent chances of higher speed than any of the average mouse, which you might have been using earlier. It has the optical sensor with 20,000 DPI and the accuracy of the resolution that amounts to be 99.6 percent.

Thus, even at the finest of the moments during the competition or the time-bound games that you are planning to win, you will not encounter any lag or any trouble clicking and grabbing the item before anyone else. In fact, you can begin attacking with your sniper gun on any of the combat or action games before the enemy can spot you right away. This is also possible because of the low latency rate and the highest speed of the transmission possible. This mouse has an optical switch, so it wouldn’t need any razor-sharp physical contact.

Then you wouldn’t be making mistakes by clicking anything more than twice and ruining the overall chances of winning or running ahead in the race to win. Therefore, it promotes flawless operation while clicking the cursor here and there without finding any fault or delays in immediate clicks.

  1. Razer Lancehead

The Razer lancehead runs on the Adaptive Frequency Technology that always ensures that its users are getting 100 percent stability. So, when you are playing a game that requires a lot of movement with the precision of clicks and exploration or finding the moving target, then this gaming mouse is one of the finest choices to make in 2020.

It has an epic 5G sensor with the finest quality of 16,000 DPI and inches per second tracking amount to be 210, which is a very competitive figure that is hard to find with other gaming mice that you might have been browsing around.

It also has the 50 G acceleration feature that helps every user who is acting as a hunter, sniper, shooter, or explorer to find the treasure, man to kill, and other items on time without missing the hit. 

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