What Impact Will the Coronavirus Have on Businesses?

Every person on the planet is probably now aware of the coronavirus. It has spread around the globe and the impact is being felt everywhere in some respect. Following on from China, Europe is currently the most hard hit especially in Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. The virus is influencing everyday life for most people but what impact will the coronavirus have on business?

Some businesses which supply necessities such as supermarkets and pharmacies will remain open and do plenty of business while stocks remain. However, there are many other businesses which are likely to struggle in the coming weeks and months.

The leisure industry is a good example and many pubs, bars, clubs, museums, restaurants, cinemas and other entertainment venues are either shut or have seen a significant drop in numbers. Therefore, many of these businesses are not making any money and this will be felt greatly by those who run their own business. Many pubs, restaurants and bars are run by individuals and do not have the backing of huge companies.

In addition, many of these businesses will also have employees who are either currently not working or are working reduced hours. This means they are earning less money and becoming restless with rent or mortgages to pay. Many companies are stepping up and trying to help them out by paying wages while they stay off work, with football clubs being a good example.

A lot of people I will say that football is insignificant at this time but it is easy to forget just how many people football clubs employ. For example, Manchester United have said they will continue to pay all of their casual staff should games be cancelled or played behind closed doors. This is set to cost the club around £1 million but shows the commitment many companies have to their employees at this difficult time.

Governments have also made millions available to help support struggling businesses. These packages are designed to assist businesses as they negotiate their way through this very difficult period. It will hopefully allow them to continue trading when the worst of the virus has passed.

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