The Best Marketing Concepts for Real Estate Agents in 2020

A new year means new trends. It is the best time to look at your business with fresh ideas, try new skills, and find ways to explore your business over the next year and beyond. We have put together the best marketing concept for real estate agents in 2020. Read on to see how to incorporate these concepts into your digital marketing strategy.

  1. Find what makes you stand out

The first concept is to look for what makes you unique in our list of a marketing concept for real estate agents in 2019. When you are dealing with a competitive industry like real estate, creating something unique that will make you stand out is essential. Do you still find yourself in a way people are always describing you in that same value tidbit when they introduce you to others? Do you have a business slogan or still looking for one to use?

For instance, we have a customer, Cyndi Alvarez that is well known as the “Pay it forward” Realtor. This means because some parts of her business model include a discount to teachers, military personnel, senior staffs, first responders and some other who may have a harder time with the initial cost of purchasing online.

  1. Consider using a chat platform

We all have a different schedule. A nurse on a night shift may not be a chance to be less busy at all time, or an active single parent that only have downtime at 10 pm to try and schedule open houses. Most people would agree on these two instances fall outside of the “normal business hours.” So, how would you assist interested customers when you can’t stay awake for 24 hours a day?

A chat platform can be better means of keeping a conversation going in those periods you are not available.

Check out these stats from Inc:

51% of customers say business needs to be available day and night for a transaction.

You read that correctly; need to be open day and night. That’s a big ask! A chat platform is the best that can make this a possibility.

92% of clients feel satisfied using live chat platform for business.

This is pretty clear. The majority of customers are gladly using live chat for business.

51% of customers prefer to use live chat for multitasking purposes, and 21% of clients love a live chat so they can shop while working.

Like stated earlier, not everyone has the kind of job or schedule that is simple for them to pick up their phones and make a call.

Working as a real estate agent means both the agent and the client are working outside of a standard 9-5. This is why using a chat platform is one of our marketing concepts for real estate agents in 2019. It provides coverage that one person cannot reasonably or realistically deliver.

  1. Mix it up with video content

Another concept of a marketing concept for real estate agents in 2019 is mixing it up with quality video content. Video has grown tremendously with the help of a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on. Users can live stream longer videos and post shorter clips to Facebook or Instagram page that can go viral after 24 hours. Now that we have a computer or laptop with the ability to capture high-quality images, recording and sharing a video made simple than ever.

Give it a try and see how the network responds. Ideas include the following:

  • Take a short video of a home where you have an open house.
  • Record video of about 30-second clip answering a frequently asked question you get from your customers.
  • Post an Instagram story as you volunteer in your local community.

A video is an easy way of connecting with your network. That’s why we are adding it to the list of a marketing concept for real estate agents in 2109.

  1. Extend your network to influencers

Engaging influencers is becoming a standard way of reaching exposure for brands or products. Real estate agents work with different professionals – like mortgage brokers, general contractors, interior designers, and so on. Another reason this is one of our exciting marketing concepts for real estate agent is that influencers can be valuable in many aspects. Though it may be a more significant player in an adjacent industry, it could also become someone with the same audience. A person with followers of 10,000 with an extremely high engagement rate can be just as competent with half a million followers.

Influencers may be big or small; they may agree to assist you and can be compensated in different ways. Alternatively, monetary payment may be flat per post fee, or it may be a sliding scale depending on the kinds of response the post gets. If this makes sense with your business, you can also choose to give a discount on some service you offer.

  1. Choose quality content

It is always sufficient content on the internet. We are cover with different options and links on social media, our inboxes, on news websites and while shopping online – it is everywhere. With the little contents available, it is essential to be sure that yours doesn’t get drowned out by the noise. On social media, you can retweet, share and post pictures and articles that come your way and you will be overwhelmed with the audience. It is likely for your engagement to decrease as well as your followers but remember that they are all battling for a flood of information.

Set a schedule program for your content. Focus on the quality of the content, so your audience can find the content interesting and useful.  Allow clients to search for their cat video or beach sunset images by regularly sharing valuable content via social media and email. Also, your network won’t think of your post as more noise, but rather see you as a thoughtful leader and look forward to your content.

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