The Best New Ford Cars For Road Trips

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Whether it’s cruising along the scenic routes of the California coastline in a dreamy convertible or tackling the most challenging Arizona trails in a rugged 4×4 off-roader, either way, road trips make for great experiences. Even if it’s simply going on a leisurely excursion through the USA in an all-accomodating luxury vehicle, whatever the case, there’s more than one option for all from Ford’s new cars. Many pleasure seekers, adventure junkies, and socialites love road tripping, whether it’s for the lethargic or relaxation benefits, thrills and chills, or purely for new discovery and experiences.


As such, there are specific vehicles for all of those lovers of the road, or the lack there-of, each purposed to deliver the best possible experience in whatever the passion.

Premium Open-Top Thrills

Mustang GT Convertible –  With its eye-catching muscle-car aesthetic, convertible soft-top, and premium cabin, it’s easy fantasizing about the Mustang GT Convertible cruising along a scenic stretch of road. And with a thunderous 460-horsepower Coyote V8 engine beneath its hood, a six-speed manual gearbox in play, and a traditional rear-wheel-drive system delivering the kick, it’s the ideal Ford to do exactly that in. From its exhilarating straight-line performance to its smile-inducing handling, the GT is truly a pleasure-seekers dream come true, offering all the driving enjoyment an enthusiast could ask for along with a premium quality cabin and convertible soft-top to make the whole experience as consummate as can be.


Rugged 4×4 Off-Roading

Bronco – Making a return to Ford’s compendium of automobiles, the once famed Bronco comes to take on the popular Jeep Wrangler in the realm of 4×4 off-roading. Thanks to its rugged design, permanent four-wheel-drive setup, and short wheelbase, this midsize trail-blazer is a great vehicle to take off the beaten path and tackle the trails with. It’s a practical and versatile utility vehicle too, which means adventurers can take it to their favorite off-road trails at the ends of the earth. It’s also likely to be available in either a two or four-door configuration, so if casual off-roading is your escape or if you regularly hit the dirt with friends, the Bronco is a great option either way.


Affordable Group Excursions

Escape Hybrid – With its relatively affordable starting price and exceptional fuel economy estimates combined with its contemporary infotainment system and features, and commendable safety ratings, the Escape Hybrid is a perfect ‘road-trip’ SUV for young socialites. It’s a truly stylish compact crossover SUV too and comes outfitted with a good array of infotainment functionalities and standard features that’ll keep the entire cabin entertained throughout the journey. Functionalities such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone integration and features like Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity and an optional sunroof. While the front seats feature heating the back seats get sliding functionality, both augmenting the Escape’s eligibility as a comfortable journey maker.


‘All’-Aboard Vacation Cruise

Expedition – For the full-size American family, there’s the full-size Ford Expedition, a three-row passenger-oriented SUV offering the near ultimate in comfort, practicality, and capability for the class. The seven- or eight-seater cruiser offers oodles of room throughout, six-footers will find that even the rearmost seats offer more than adequate stretch room. There’s more than enough space for cargo too, with 20.9 cubes of room offered up behind the rearmost seats. With all of that room and thanks to a comprehensive consignment of creature-comforts, the Expedition is a sure-fire way to keep the entire long-distance trip to the family vacation house as pleasurable as can be.


Luxury Eco-Friendly Bragging

Mustang Mach-E – The all-new Mustang Mach-E all-electric SUV offers a claimed range of over 300 miles on a single charge of its battery. With that in mind along with its starting MSRP of only $48,000, not only does the Mach-E do away with range anxiety, but with the burden on one’s wallet too. This makes it a great eco-friendly vehicle that’s certainly worthwhile flaunting. As Ford’s first-ever all-electric SUV and one with the renowned Mustang badge, any new owner will be happy they can get to show this incredibly attractive, and fun-to-drive marvel off for up to 300 miles before having to pull over.


Roadtrips can lead to either incredible experiences or terrible ones but having the right car for whatever the journey is an effective way to ensure the better outcome.