Franchises enjoy an edge over businesses struggling to establish their brand. This, however, doesn’t mean that your marketing efforts should stop. With the ever-evolving technologies, if you aren’t on your toes, with a blink of an eye, you can find yourself at the bottom despite having been a well-established brand. While franchises have such huge followership, therefore, they can’t afford to ignore local SEO measures. The best part is, with a reliable and reputable service such as Integrity Marketing, you can conveniently implement local SEO for franchises and enjoy its numerous benefits. If done right, local SEO is among the most effective approaches to increase traffic on your physical store as well as the website. If you are considering it, here are a few straightforward and effective local SEO for franchises tips to get you started.

Perfect your GMB

If you haven’t already done it, the first step is to claim your Google My Business (GMB) page. Perfecting your GMB account is the easiest way to help you rank at the top of Google’s map listing, and capture quality leads from searches. Most franchisees operate in multiple locations, and the GMB account eases the management as you can centralize your efforts. Start by prioritizing the business info, insights, and review section. The info section requires due diligence, noting that despite multiple locations presence, you need to provide accurate details per location to enhance your visitors’ experience. From listing the website, address, and phone numbers, you need to ensure that each detail is carefully considered.

GMB insights help you to tailor your services to meet your customers’ preferences. The section provides essential information showing how your visitors are interacting with your business, allowing you to perfect various concerns. The review section, on the other hand, helps you to capture more leads as in the modern information-oriented world, consumers rely more on user testimonials over ads. A rich pool of five and four-star reviews come in handy in not only helping to rank your business but also to enjoy better conversion rates.

Utilize location-based keyword

While your franchise enjoys a significant loyal customer base, they can only walk in your store if it is visible. With location-based keywords, you can comfortably provide rich local-based content and enhance your business’ local visibility, ensuring that you score more traffic. Using location-based keywords, from the meta-titles, headings, titles, and content, is quite rewarding as you get a search engine optimization audit.

Go for location-specific schema

How are you helping search engines to rank your business more accurately? With schema markup, search engines can easily acquire definitive answers concerning your page contents. The structured data, such as price, status, and the number of reviews per product on your product page, makes it easier for search engines to understand and rank your site, and with local-specific data, enjoy improved local ranking.

Be consistent

Consistent branding can’t be stressed enough. Users are accustomed to your brand colors, logo, and identity, among other brand-specific identifiers. It means that if one of your stores deviates, it might affect your local SEO effectiveness as it would create confusion.

Above are a few of the strategies to get you started on franchise local SEO. While local SEO for franchise might not be a walk in the park, with experienced professionals such as Integrity Marketing by your side, you can implement it and enjoy better ROI.