The Best Painting Ideas That Will Inspire You To Paint

Just the thought of painting makes us feel calm. It is one of those activities that leave us feeling satisfied. Painting is a great stress reliever. It allows you to get in tune with your mind. Thus, you get to release tension through the act of painting. Every single stroke helps you forget about whatever might be bothering you. If you have just started painting or just want some inspiration, this post is just for you. It shares fun painting and powder coating ideas. Besides, you cannot be creative all the time. Hence, it makes sense to look for inspiration.

Take inspiration from the painting ideas mentioned in this post to get those creative juices flowing. You will start painting in no time. Every artist needs to look for painting ideas from time to time. It allows them to try out something new and learn more about themselves through painting. The following painting ideas will get you painting in no time. They are perfect for both kids and adults. You should also get to know about other painting materials such as alcohol markers, 3d printing, airbrushes, and more for you to become a successful and productive painter.

  1. Block the Canvas Using Painter’s Tape

One of the best painting ideas that you need to try out is blocking the canvas with painter’s tape. It is a fun idea that both kids and adults can utilize. The technique is extremely easy. Anyone can try it. The results will leave you impressed. All you need to do is tape off a watercolor paper sheet. It will allow you to recreate the watercolor painting. You could use the idea of making someone an interesting greeting card. You only need to get a painter’s tape to get started. Leave the tape on the canvas for a while and then remove it.

  1. Paint Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are beautiful. They remind us of Japan. There are many cherry blossoms in Washington D.C. as they were a gift from Japan. Painting cherry blossoms takes minimal time. You can even try to paint them in the moonlight. They will look even more stunning. At first, you might find the cherry blossom painting technique to be somewhat advanced or complicated. However, it is quite simple and you can master it with a bit of practice. Get a black paper and paint cherry blossoms on it as it will perfectly mimic a midnight scene. You can browse through Instagram, Pinterest, or any other platform to search for cherry blossoms to draw.

  1. Paint a Lavender Field

We all love the smell of lavender. Many of us imagine walking down a lavender field. It is a good idea to paint a lavender field. Anyone can paint a lavender field. There are a ton of painting tutorials for both beginners and experts that you can check out to paint the perfect lavender field. You will be blown away by the results. Impress your friends and family members with your painting skills by painting a field full of lavenders.

Think of the south of France as your inspiration. The Jacquemus fashion show for Spring 2020 was held at a lavender field. It inspired many of us. Start paining lavenders on a blank canvas and go from there. Moreover, painting a lavender field does not require many colors. You can make do with just three colors.

  1. Paint A Cactus

A succulent that is easy to paint is a cactus. There is not much to them. Hence, you can paint them with ease. Use your watercolors and try out simple methods to paint all types of cacti. You can go on all out with different types of cacti. Make sure to strike a balance between them to create a true masterpiece.

Simple watercolor paints are your best friend when painting a cactus. Get a watercolor pad and practice making several cactus before you start painting on the canvas. It will allow you to first master the art of painting a cactus. There are many different ways to paint a cactus. Try them out as they will help you paint a work of art.

  1. Add Depth By Using the Entire Paper

Aspiring beginner artists will be amazed by the result of this painting idea. It is a simple yet fruitful watercolor lesson that will allow you to showcase your desire for painting. Recreate a winter tree scene and add more colors to cover the entire paper. It will add more depth to your painting.

There is no need to limit the scene to just a horizon line. Paint the entire sheet of paper to outshine your previous works. A painting that covers the entire paper tends to be more interesting and attracts everyone to it.

  1. Consider Throwing a Painting Party

To take your painting skills to the next level, you should consider throwing a painting party. Invite all your creative and non-creative friends over for a night of fun and celebration. Each of your friends will inspire you to try out something new. You are bound to have a great time and the result will be an impeccable painting.

Draw some inspiration from each of your friends. It is perfect for aspiring painters who are looking to have fun while painting. You do not always need to try to advance your skills. Throw a painting party and tell your friends to bring their own art supplies.

You could even make teams of two to get the ideas flowing. Use acrylics and all types of painting materials to bring out the artist in you. By the time you are done with the painting, you will have a few paintings that you can hang in your home.

  1. Recreate the City Skyline

When it comes to painting, there are endless possibilities. Whether you like the present city skyline or not, you can recreate it to look the way you want it to. Use watercolors for painting the perfect city skyline.

You can even draw some inspiration from major cities like Paris, Berlin, London, and New York City. Each city is unique and has a lot to offer. It does not matter where you live, you can paint the skyline that you like.

Create a stunning city skyline by using watercolors and mixing the colors. You could even go a bit further by adding a solar eclipse or birds in the background. Whatever type of city skyline you like, paint it. You might even end up finding out which city you would like to live in just through your painting.

College students can paint the city skyline to decide which city they would want to study in. Besides, a simple Google search of the city skyline will provide you with endless ideas.

  1. Create Art Around Your Favorite Quote

We all have a favorite quote. Whether you like the quote “Be the change you want to see in the world” by Gandhi or “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” by Nelson Mandela, you can paint around it to beautify it.

We all tend to have a quote that inspires us to be a better version of ourselves. This is why it is important that you show others how much the quote means to you by painting around it.

If you do not know what to paint on a blank canvas, start out by writing your favorite quote on it. Then, paint around it by channeling your feelings towards it. Whether the quote makes you feel happy, grateful, mad, resilient, or any other way, let your inner emotions come out by painting around it.

Many of us do not feel inspired as often as we would like. However, quotes have an effect on us that even art has trouble defining. Hence, you should tell the world about what you think of the quote by painting around it.

You could paint flowers, trees, the sun, the moon, the hillside, the city, or just about anything you want.

  1. Create a Herringbone Pattern

A herringbone pattern is simply breathtaking. This is why you should paint a herringbone pattern. It will help beautify your home and act as a point of interest. However, you should keep in mind that it is not easy to paint a herringbone pattern.

It is more time consuming than the other painting ideas mentioned in this post. But, it is just as satisfying. Sometimes, beginner artists need to push themselves to create the perfect canvas art. A bit of patience goes a long way.

There are many tutorials on painting a herringbone pattern that you can check out to learn how to paint it on your own.

  1. Paint Something Abstract

When you do not know what to paint, you should paint something abstract. It allows you to unleash your inner emotions and is, in fact, therapeutic. When you are in doubt, abstract art is the way to go.

From the twentieth century onwards, there have been many abstract artists who have changed the entire world of art. You could check out online art galleries for some art inspiration and how to paint something abstract.

View different works of abstract artists if you do not know much about abstract art. It will open your mind to a world full of possibilities. A great thing about abstract art is the fact that there are not many rules to it.

Many artists claim that there are no rules at all. It is up to you whether you want to follow the rules or not. All you need to do is pick up the paintbrush and start painting.

The best thing about abstract art is that it allows you to release your inner emotions. Only you will be able to make sense of your work which adds to the fun of painting abstract art.

  1. Pour Paint on the Canvas

You do not always need to paint on a canvas. Instead, you should try pouring paint on to it and making your way from there.

If you have never poured paint onto a canvas, you can watch pouring paint videos on YouTube. They are both fun and relaxing to watch.

Pouring paint on a canvas is a lot more fun than painting on it. It requires less effort. You can also try pouring acrylic on the canvas.

One of the best things about his painting idea is that no matter how many canvases you paint, none of them will look alike. Thus, you will get to paint something completely unique each time.

  1. Paint a Colorful Yet Simple Galaxy

The galaxy is something that many of us think about from time to time. Seeing pictures of the nebula, the solar system, and stars inspire us in a way that is impossible to describe.

If you are inspired by the galaxy, you should consider painting a colorful yet simple galaxy. You can check out galaxy painting tutorials if you feel anxious about how you will be able to paint a galaxy.

When it comes to painting a galaxy, you can paint many beautiful things such as the sun, the stars, the moon, and other terrestrial objects.

Google is your best option when looking for pictures. Simply do a Google search and you will come across plenty of pictures that you can rely on for your painting.

  1. Paint a Full Moon

Speaking of the galaxy, maybe you should start small by painting a full moon. There is nothing like the moon. It makes us feel safe during the night and we crave its presence during its absence. Painting a full moon is quite easy.

There are several techniques that you can try to paint a full moon. For instance, you can try splattering, sponging, and dry brushing. You can check out YouTube tutorials to paint a full moon in different ways.



Painting is a form of therapy. Only the best painting ideas have been shared in this post. Once you have gone over this post, you will know just what to paint. Each painting idea mentioned in this post will get your creative juices flowing.