If you’re new to using lightsabers hobby, you would probably be looking for a quality lightsaber to make your Star Wars Movie Night special and memorable. With increasing interest in lightsabers, many industries have started making their own lightsabers. However, it is always suggested that you select your lightsabers wisely which fit your perfect demand. And that’s why we are here to help you buy the best custom lightsabers for sale in UK.

Galactic Sabers UK bring you a wide range of superior quality lightsabers. You can also choose a blade with a colour that fits your requirement of that extra luminosity. Not only this, but they also have an amazing neopixel blade range that comes with a spectrum of vibrant colours to light up your galactic credit.

When looking for a high-quality lightsaber, one should definitely pay attention to it’s material and manufacturing strategy because that says all about the product.


●     Materials and Construction

The company prides itself in only selecting the best materials to build their product. Designing hilts requires great care and efficiency to remove any sharp surfaces like wire edges that might harm you and therefore, the engineering process should be handled with as much care as possible. Galactic team adds chamfers and fillets to resist the hardness of edges and increase the strength of the material.


●     Lightning Technology

This UK based company has always been at the forefront when it comes to lightning technology. As mentioned before, they have a variety of new LEDs, pixel strips and blade enhancing techniques to ensure that the customers get the best and brightest lightsabers. Unlike other companies, Galactic UK buys their strips and LEDs in smaller batches to make sure they pick the best BINs available. Buying in large bulks does help to reduce cost but that doesn’t always guarantee to live up to the required standard. You can get your hands on any combination of colours you want. These lightsabers are built on a copper substrate star with an easy thermal pathway to manage heat distribution while driving over the LED.

Neopixels, on the other hand, have been laced with breathtaking colours manufactured with proper colour wavelengths of each colour with smooth mixing. This is coupled with a minimal strip joint to reduce the conspicuous dark spots which seem quite visible on the inferior blade. The strips are first burned for 2-4 hours before they are made into a single blade and thus, the final product received by the customers is free of any fault.


●     Blade Building

Galactic UK opts out for a special method to construct their blades. When building blades, they take into account the optimum standard of durability, quality and evenness. Their company offers a large variety of all types, sizes and styles of blades. Their technology has proven to be a game changer for the market of lightsabers introducing new techniques and strategies.


●     Chassis

Galactic UK always believed that as much as it is important to give you the most exciting lightsabers of your choice, they will never compromise upon the quality and protection of these lightsabers. Protecting the electronics especially when they are being used in a combat is the utmost priority while ensuring that it is easily accessible and approachable to the user without any difficulties. For this, they have designed a stable chassis system. There are several companies which sell their lightsabers without proper installation of a chassis system which can cause dangerous electric shorts or damage to internal blades and materials. In their combat line of lightsabers, Galactic UK have built in rigid machine chassis to shield the electronics from any mechanical problem. They also make use of Delrin which is a special material used to isolate the components for better performance and absorb vibration from harsh impact or blow. It also absorbs vibration originated from the speaker. It is always advisable to avoid buying lightsabers which have 3D printed chassis which are weak in strength and tend to break giving unwanted motion triggers.


●     Plecter Labs

Plecter Labs is something which makes this company stand out amongst all. Galactic UK is proud to announce that it is one of the chosen teams that are allowed to develop and test new features at Plecter Labs. This aids bring diversity and into the world of lightsabers by introducing groundbreaking features, long-lasting quality and efficient design to provide only the most durable and quality products for our customers.


●     Ergonomics

All these fancy features and electronics may seem to go down the drain if one doesn’t feel comfortable in handling a lightsaber. Ease and comfort of the customers is one of the topmost priorities for Galactic UK and therefore they have adjustable slim hilst to ensure that users don’t have to put in extra effort or go through fatigue while handling these lightsabers. The smarter a lightsaber is, the easier it is to carry around.


●     Finishing and Customization

Everyone is rooting for the lightsaber of their dreams. The foundation of our childhood dreams have always demanded an unmatched quality of these lightsabers. Small things which may seem insignificant to other manufacturers are the ones which drive the product towards originality. These things may include special powder coating schemes, mirror polishing, acid etching, custom shrouds, laser engraving, lambskin leather, accent lightning, etc.


Bonus Section

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Worldwide Shipping Facility

Whether you are living in the UK or having a vacation in Japan, do not worry about delivery of your lightsabers. Galactic UK offers worldwide shipping not only in the UK but Canada, European Union, Australia, Japan and many more.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to turn your dreams into reality and get your hands on the most amazing lightsabers to have a memorable experience.

You can always contact their company via phone, email address or by leaving a message on their website and they will come to your assistance!