Poker is a game played by many people throughout the world. There are various tournaments that take place every year to name the biggest poker players. Many of these tournaments are either regional or local events but many of them have a worldwide appeal. The list that has been prepared shows some of the best poker tournaments in the world. Try out 안전놀이터 to get an idea of what it means to play it big.


United States

World Series of Poker

The land of dreams is considered to the most prestigious destinations around the world for poker tournaments. One tournament that is known to poker players all around the world is the annual WSOP or World Series of Poker. It has a history that dates back all the way to 1970. It attracts some of the best poker players around the world from up to 104 different countries to attend the event as seen in 2018. Each of the players competes for the ultimate prize which is the WSOP gold bracelet.

The WSOP had lasted for about 50 days in 2018 and comprised of a total of 78 events which puts the average field size at 1,588 entries inside the famous Las Vegas Rio Suite Hotel & Casino. Once again for the sixth year in a row, it has broken the world record for attendance by hosting 123,865 entries which is an increase of 2.4 percent from the previous year. Over the summer, $266,880,193 was awarded to the 18,105 players that won the prize money including 28 players that made $1M or more.

Players attain legendary status instantly upon winning the $10,000 Main Event as it is the crown jewel for the world of poker. John Cynn had topped the list for the year in a field of 7,874 players.



Aussie Millions

The country down under doesn’t shy away when it comes to hosting the best poker tournaments in the world. The Aussie Millions is the Australian Poker Championship which has continuously gained recognition ever since its inception in 1998. It is the most prestigious tournaments to take place in the Southern Hemisphere. The event is held at the Crown Casino in Melbourne every year in January/ February. The A$10,000 Main Event is known for rewarding cash prizes over A$7 M.

Some of the past winners include Canadian Ari Engel, who won $1.6 M in 2016, Ami Barer $1.6 M in 2014 and Gus Hansen $1.5 M in 2007. There are plenty of side events to Aussie Millions. Players around the world know about the popularity of Aussie Millions as it is a dream to play at the event.



Canada WPT Falls View

The Falls View Casino has made it big since 2006 with their World Poker Tour being hosted. It all started with 3 WPT North American Championships for Poker from 2006 to 2008 in which Glen Witmer was crowned in 2008 with $1,084,256, Scott Clements in 2007 with $1,505,312 and Soren Turkewitsch in 2006 with $1,225,920.

Then, in 2011, the WPT Falls View Poker Classic had been created and has ever since become a staple event. Sitting right in the edge of the Niagara Falls near the United States border with Canada, it is popular destination for Canadian and American poker players.  The event is considered to be the premier poker stop for poker action.


Playground Poker Club

Canada is one of the most liberal countries in the world and that is why there is an abundance of poker tournaments every year. The Playground Poker Club is located in Kahnawake, Quebec right outside of Montreal. It has become of the world’s premier poker destinations. The fact is that it is a standalone 7 poker table complex which had opened up in 2010. Hence, it is not a part of a casino.

Since the inception, the club has hosted many tournament festivals such as the World Poker Tour, World Cup of Cards and the World Series of Poker International Circuit. This is what has made the WPT Playground to become one of the best in the world.


Calgary DSPT Championships

Another popular poker tournament that is hosted in Canada is the Calgary DSPT Championships. The Grey Eagle Casino and Bingo is well-known for its 15 table poker room that is open 24/7. Some of the most reputable tournaments such as the DSPT Championships have been hosted at the location. If anyone is looking for a place to play a mid-major tournament, then this is place to give it a go. You will find the hard pressure to be worthwhile at the Calgary DSPT Championships.


South America

888 LIVE Brazil

Just in the December of 2015, the 888 LIVE Tour had made its debut in Brazil and it quickly became the number one event in all of South America. Poker is booming throughout the continent and Brazil is the place to try out the major tournaments. The online giant made an emergence in the nation which is a huge deal. Several Brazilian superstars joined in such as the Olympic medalist Maureen Maggie and the like.

The inaugural event was won by Jorge Augusto. The 888 LIVE events are known for being one of the best around the world and have developed a worldwide reputation as being one of the best poker festivals. Brazil is an excellent destination to play poker while soaking in the sun and drinking a shot of the finest tequila.



888 LIVE Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most visited destinations in the world and it is a favorite among many top poker players. Visit the city to attend the 888 LIVE. Just like its Brazilian counterpart, has gained a huge reputation for partying and fun alongside joining in on the poker action. 888 LIVE Barcelona is one of the best poker tournaments in all of Europe. Just before the 2018 WSOP, the event had taken place and became a wild success. If you are looking for fun time then it is the event to attend.