Standing out from the crowd is every entrepreneur’s dream today.

And why not?

Today, literally an uncountable number of startups exist in the world. The closest metric we have to estimate how many new businesses are there in the world is a study by GEM Global Report that suggests that about 100 million new businesses are started annually around the world.

In this world brimming with startups, the share of eLearning businesses is an exceedingly substantial one. Growing at a consistent rate of 7.07%, eLearning industry is likely to generate a revenue of about $65.41 billion globally.

This clearly shows the vast potential of eLearning businesses; however, it also points out the need for USPs and unmatched branding for eLearning courses.

So if you are starting up your own eLearning business, here are the best way to make a lasting impression with your audience.


  1. Claim your social media

Social media platforms have become life-savers for many businesses today. Even if you do not have a website for your company yet, social media channels can cover for you enough so you can build a substantial online presence.

You can even choose to hire digital media consultants that will help you in gaining traction and engaging audience.

The aim is to embed these pages for your online learners to flip through anytime without having to search separately for them. You can also customize your social media icon graphics to match the branding of your company as well.


  1. Make your employees your brand ambassadors

Loyal employees can make your business reach the top of the industry in a brief period. They are your most significant assets, and you can use them to your advantage.

  • Start by creating a recognition system for the employees who contribute to the branding and marketing of your course. You can follow a giveaway program where you reward your employees with badges, perks, even with flexible timing.
  • Give them a healthy environment and culture at the workplace where they can learn and grow along with their colleagues. This will become their intrinsic motivation to spread the word about your courses.
  • Remember to make it easier for them to work for your company’s branding. Give them content they can share, help them schedule their shares according to the most engaging time of the day. The content can be pictures, graphics, videos, hashtags, etc.
  • Along with giving them the liberty to share content, you should also make guidelines for them to follow before sharing any content. This will ensure that their social media shares are always in-line with your strategies.


  1. Know your audience’s emotions

History is a witness to the fact that emotional appeal always works best with human beings. Your followers are more likely to increase if they believe in what you think.

So, like many successful eLearning Content Providers, if you know can find ways to solicit an emotional response from your learners through your courses, as well as through your branding activities, your startup is likely to grow much faster.

  • You can create content to target specific pain points and ideologies of your target audience. Remember to make your content easy to comprehend and straightforward. And use the power of graphics appropriately.
  • You may also engage with your audience over social media different platforms. Building a social relation instil a sense of personal connection in people who can help you in building brand loyalty.



There are many ways that you can use your brand your startup, as well as your eLearning course out to your audience. Poetically enough, there are many Content Providers for Branding who create online learning courses which you can opt-in for the training of your employees.

It might take a while to reach its escape velocity, but with consistency and perseverance, you will be able to create a strong brand with a loyal customer base.