The best ways to fight hair loss

Are you having hair fall issues to the extent where you are getting partially bald? Are you bald and want to grow your hair back? Or you have some serious hair fall issue and want to get that fixed? Hop in and let’s find out how you can get rid of these issues!

Hair loss is as real as it gets. Almost 50% of the women and 30% of the men globally suffer from hair loss. This causes a great deal of stress and can damage your confidence. Before you get into the process of fixing your hair loss problem, you need to first identify the cause of hair loss. This is crucial because it will allow you to pin point the actual cause and then take the right steps to fix it effectively.

Running a Diagnostic test to identify the reason behind hair loss:

This will help save money, since you’ll know exactly what measure to take in order to fix your hair loss issue and not spend on every other remedy that crosses your mind.

Hair loss can occur because of the following reasons

  • Genes
  • Inflammation
  • Hormone level fluctuations
  • Nutritional deficiencies

Once you sign up for a diagnostic assessment your dermatologist will run a couple of tests including a Trichogram and a blood test.


Your dermatologist will pluck at least 50-100 hair strands from your scalp, usually from the back of your head. They will then study the Structure, and growth of the follicles under a microscope. This allows the doctor to examine the follicle growth and physical appearance to determine the exact cause of hair loss and diagnose the right procedure for you.

Blood Test:

Followed by the Trichogram, your dermatologist will take a vile of blood and run tests for any nutrition or hormone deficiencies. Considering the blood test results your dermatologist will be able to customize a treatment for you. This could include taking oral supplements or medication.


Supplements and Essential Oils

You are what you eat, is actually quite true. Having a rich-nutrition diet is essential for a ealthier mane.

Vitamin D and other essential supplements

Vitamin D is responsible for collagen initiation and repair in your body. According to a research conducted by Dhaval Bhanusali, who is a leading dermatologist in NYC; you should take at least 5000 units of Vitamin D every day. VitD helps revive the strength of your follicles and ensures a healthier growth.

Iron and zinc deficiency can also lead to hair loss. This is why it is advisable to run a diagnostic test, as I have mentioned before, In order for you to target the problem exclusively and take respective measures efficiently.

Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary essential oil is a great way to reduce the risk of hair loss. This could come in especially handy if you have a busy schedule. Just add a couple of drops on your scalp and caress it calmly. It helps the regrowth of hair follicles and smells nice at the same time.

Collagen powder

According to a research carried out by NYC dermatologist Yoon-Soo Cindy Bae, marine collagen can help stimulate hair growth. This easy to follow procedure involves taking collagen powder that you can easily add into your liquid diet. Collagen instigates growth and helps the regeneration of structural cells in your body. Adding collagen in your diet can help reduce the chances of hair loss by a great percentage and increase the health of existing follicles.

Scalp tonic

Serums and scalp tonics are laced with antioxidants such as peptides and procyanidins. They help reduce inflammation and promote scalp health. Inflammation is a major cause of hair loss and it causes the hair follicle to lose their strength, which eventually leads to hair thinning and partial patches on the scalp.

You can use the following serums to prevent and reduce hair loss.

  • René Furterer Triphasic Progressive Concentrated Serum
  • Julien Farel Magnifique Delay the Gray Hair & Scalp Serum
  • Rapid Regrowth Serum by Doris Day

Using these serums also aid the penetration of minoxidil in your scalp. If you are using minoxidil as a measure to help reduce hair loss than you can pair it up with the above mentioned serums. This also reduces inflammation and itchiness which. Just massage your scalp gently with these serums before using minoxidil and you’ll observe a stark improvement of your hairs health.


Laser light therapy

Adenosine Triphosphate or (ATP) is responsible to provide energy to your hair follicle cells. This plays a crucial part in the growth of your hair and the volume that they occupy. Laser Treatment and Light therapy involves the use of low light laser. Laser light is projected on your follicle cells, in order to instigate growth.

Some other interesting procedures also includes micro-needling. The process involves using thin needles that are targeted at the area of hair loss. The process is slightly painful and involves the use of a general anesthesia. Your scalp will be numbed and then pricked with needles in-order to promote their regrowth and health by spurring.


Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant in NYC  is considered as one of the most efficient ways to help eradicate the issue of hair loss. Hair replacement surgeries are a great way to deal with excessive hair loss or balding. The procedure involves a meticulous process of taking fuller hair from the back of your head, particularly the nape and re-seeding them at the location of hair loss.

The procedure:

  • Dermatologist will take fuller, healthier follicles from the back of your head.
  • They will then harvest these follicles
  • And replant them at the site of hair loss.
  • The surgery is time consuming and takes up to 3-6 hours to complete.
  • Once the follicles have been harvested, your dermatologist will then place them bit by bit in order to ensure a healthier-denser volume of hair.
  • The regrowth of hair through this process takes up to 3-12 months depending on the health of your scalp.

Hair loss can be tricky and very stressful. Running a diagnostic test before you plan on following any of the above mentioned solutions will increase the effectiveness of any treatment. Targeting the main cause is crucial for your wallet and health. Hopefully following these suggestions would help grow that beautiful mane back and restore your confidence. You are not alone!