Tips to Choose Good Clippers for Black Men

Black men have (a type of) coarse hair that is a bit difficult to style as compared to other hair types. So, Hair clipper is such a tool that plays an important role in the life of black men. Usually, African Americans like to keep both clippers and manual razors in their shaving tools box. The comfort, easiness, and quick styling features of hair clippers make them special as compared to the manual razors. So, today we will discuss in the detail about how to choose perfect clippers for black hair.

Wahl, Remington, and Oster are some famous companies that manufacture different kinds of high-quality clippers and are trusted by the people of the United States as well.

Important Factors to Check and Consider

Price of Clippers:

The price of the clipper would be the first matter that a person would see before buying it. Usually, you can find the best clipper in the range of 70 to 100 United States Dollars. But, I would consider it a best practice to decide your budget before purchasing a product for your needs. If your budget is low then don’t go for a low-quality product.

If you are planning to buy a good clipper, I will recommend you to have a budget of at least 100 US Dollars. In this price range, you can find a perfect product for your needs. Remember that it’s an approximate budget as the price of a product can go up or down with the passage of time. There are some clippers that are above this range. Similarly, some products are also available that are below this range.

The Available Options:

Most of the clippers come with an electric wire that can be used directly instead of charging the battery. While there are some other cordless products also available in the market. Buying a product with or without wire (cordless) is totally your choice. Most of the time barbers like to buy the clippers that are available with long electric wires. So, that they can use it with direct electricity instead of charging the battery for a few minutes. To save their time, they usually like to opt for this option that makes sense too.

While if you are planning to buy clippers for personal use instead of commercial, you can go with a cordless option too. If you are going with the option of cordless then make sure that your product has a powerful battery. You can remember some specifications of a good battery. It should be charged in minimum time and can be used for a maximum time. Usually, a good trimmer or clipper with the charged battery up to 50 minutes can be used for 2 hours (approximately). These are some factors that should be kept in mind before buying an electronic product for you. I know that these tips are a bit tricky. So, it’s a better approach to read a buying guide on a specific topic for purchasing it. That’s why I will also recommend you to read about the best clippers for black men.  

Blades of a Hair Clipper

While buying an electric shaver or clipper, the quality of the blades would be the most important factor to consider as they play a key role in the total process of shaving. For African Americans, I will recommend the clippers that have extremely sharp blades, made up of stainless steel material. Black men may have to face some shaving problems like skin allergy, razor bumps, etc. if the blades of your shaver are not sharp enough. So, always consider a clipper that has sharp blades if you are going to buy it for the black men.

Cleaning Mechanism

Proper cleaning of an electric shaver and clipper is very important for its performance and long life. People who don’t clean their clippers after every shave may have to suffer from a poor shaving experience. Just try to clean the stuck hair in razor blades using small brushes that is mostly present inside the box of your razor. The shavers that are waterproof can be washed with water as well. But, most of the time clippers are not waterproof. So, it’s better to clean them with small brush instead of anything else. Don’t forget to read the manual and instructions that are provided by the manufacturing company of the product.

The proper cleaning mechanism can give you a good shaving experience. Moreover, it can also increase the life of your product.

The Final Words:

So, we have some best tips that you must consider before buying the electric clippers for you. I am sure that you will find some new tips in this article and that can save you from a bad experience as well. It can also save you money, time and efforts.

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