The Bobby Construction YouTube Channel- The Go-To Place for all of your Woodworking Needs

The Bobby Construction YouTube channel is the go-to place for all of your woodworking needs. With a wide variety of videos ranging from interior design, exterior design and construction with wood, you can find exactly what you need in order to get the job done right. They highlight their work with specialized builders to ensure that the highest quality materials are used.

Whether it’s a simple DIY project or a complex construction project, Bobby Construction has something for everyone. Their videos feature tutorials on how to complete projects step by step, so you can be sure to do it correctly each time. Plus, they have instructional videos on more advanced techniques. For example, they built a wooden house in three days, and created a video of the step by step construction process, a fachwerk house, a german wooden house and a luxury pool.


The step by step construction process of a wooden house

The Bobby Construction Youtube channel offers step-by-step tutorials on how to construct a wooden house from start to finish. Every project is carried out by expert builders, using the best quality materials and tools for the job.

The process begins with the creation of a foundation, which allows for the structure to be securely supported in place. This can be achieved by either using concrete or a timber frame installation. The foundations also help provide insulation, reduce any potential damp problems and improve structural integrity. Once the foundation is laid down, it’s time to begin building the walls of the house. Depending on how big you want your home to be, this could involve nailing 2×4 boards together or erecting full panels made from wood or metal.

Next up is constructing the roof, which provides protection against rain and snowfall as well as providing extra insulation. This can involve a variety of methods such as trusses or joists on top of rafters and sheathing panels over them. Additionally, you may need to install vents or gutters depending on where you live and what type of roof you choose.

Once the roof is in place it’s time to begin filling up your house with windows, doors and other fixtures and fittings such as cabinetry and countertops. Once everything has been installed then it’s time to insulate your home from both cold and hot weather using insulation products such as spray foam insulation or fibre glass batt insulation. The final step is then applying siding around your walls which will protect your home from outside elements whilst also providing aesthetic appeal.

At Bobby Construction, they offer detailed videos for every step so that you can rest assured that your wooden house will be constructed correctly each time regardless of skill level or experience!


What is a fachwerk house ?

Fachwerk (German for “framework”) is a traditional method of construction that uses a series of interlocking timbers to create a strong, sturdy structure. Fachwerk houses have been built since medieval times, and can still be seen in many areas across Europe today.

The basic components of a fachwerk house include an external timber frame with infill panels made from either brick, stone or wattle-and-daub (a mixture of mud and straw). This type of construction was designed to be extremely efficient and cost-effective while providing excellent insulation to keep the interior warm during winter months.

Bobby Construction offers tutorials on how to construct your own fachwerk house from start to finish, so that you can experience the same sense of accomplishment as medieval builders did. From nailing together the exterior timber framework to building the internal structure using wattle-and-daub and finally plastering it over for a finished look, this tutorial offers step-by-step guidance from start to finish.


German wooden house vs US wooden house – What are the differences ?

German wooden houses and US wooden houses have a lot of similarities, but there are also some differences between them. The most obvious difference lies in their construction materials. German wooden houses are built primarily out of timber frames and wattle-and-daub infill panels, while US wooden houses typically use lumber and sheathing panels for the walls.

The other major difference between the two is in their insulation methods. German wooden houses use natural insulation materials such as straw, clay or wood chips to keep the interior warm during winter months, while US wooden houses often rely on more modern insulation products such as spray foam insulation or fibre glass batt insulation. Additionally, German wooden homes are typically equipped with shutters to keep out cold weather whereas US homes are usually fitted with windows, doors and other fixtures and fittings.

When it comes to roofing materials, both countries use similar constructions but there may be slight differences in styling depending on the region they are located in. Overall though, both countries generally use trusses, joists and rafters along with sheathing panels to construct their roofs.

Finally, when it comes to exterior siding materials there is a great deal of variation between countries depending on conditions such as temperature extremes or moisture levels in the environment. In Germany for example many older buildings had external walls made from brick or stone which provided excellent protection against outside elements whilst still appearing aesthetically pleasing. In contrast US buildings often opt for vinyl siding as this can easily be applied over existing walls and provides an attractive finish that will last for many years without needing much maintenance beyond occasional cleaning.



Bobby Construction also offers helpful tips and advice in order to make sure that you get the best out of your woodworking projects. From choosing the right material to making sure proper joinery is used, they have it all covered. You can also find helpful reviews on various tools in order to ensure that you have the best equipment for the job.

For those who are just getting started with woodworking, Bobby Construction has something for them as well. With beginner-level tutorials and easy to follow instructions, even beginners can learn how to build their own furniture pieces from scratch. All in all, Bobby Construction is a one-stop shop for everything related to woodworking projects! So check out their YouTube channel now and start building something amazing today! You can subscribe to the channel by clicking on this link.