The Brand with the Best Window Tinting

Everyone out there likely knows what window tint is, at least in a colloquial sense. It’s that film that you have put on your windows to give them a darker appearance. However, that’s the simplistic explanation that consumers rely upon. Technically speaking, window tint is actually referred to as a “heat rejection film.” It’s a very thin layer of film that drapes over the windows of automobiles, houses, planes, etc., to reject the heat by blocking the light coming through. This works by rejecting the amount of visible light, and also infrared and UV light. So it’s a great item to have when you want to be protected against UV rays and not just the hot, bright light of the sun.

Window tinting Houston TX has been around for decades, and there are dozens upon dozens of companies who create their own varieties of these heat rejection films that are most popularly used for car windows. Though when it comes to the best window tinting, most people want to know who stands atop the market so that they can skip over the rest. Well, while there is a lot of competition, one brand out there does happen to stand head and shoulders above all other competitors when it comes to creating the best tint for windows.


The Famous 3M Brand

Of all the different brands in the world to create window tinting products, 3M really does stand out as the best of the lot. The history of 3M is very long and storied. The company actually started as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company in 1902 and kept that title for a hundred years. In the early 2000s, they started to work on and develop a line of revolutionary plastic polymer products, some of which are so incredibly thin that they make the ideal material for tinting windows and other applications where such a thin layer of material is required.

Though it was a long road getting there, the company actually started in the 1970s by dealing with their 3m Mincom material, and this was involved in some of the world’s first digital audio recordings. In the late 70s, the company launched a series of “Press ‘n Peel” stores to sell some of their products. By the early 2000s, the 3M company was known worldwide as the preeminent manufacturers of these sorts of materials.

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Why 3M Has the Best Window Tinting

The 3M company received its first patent for window tinting in 1966. They were issued a patent for sun control, based on their Automotive Windows Film. While their product is considered the best out there, it actually hasn’t changed a great deal over these many years. It’s always been known to provide privacy, to improve comfort, and to protect vehicles and occupants against the UV rays from the sun

When most people hear or read the 3M name, they believe it’s referring to a certain type of material. Actually, this is the brand. The Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing being the three “Ms” in the title. So whenever you see a window tinting company offering up 3M, you should know that this is the best possible material that you can get to put over your windows. The films used that are created by 3M are very durable and reliable, while also being a lot easier to apply, so you get no bubbles, wrinkles or tears in the final result. You just get a very smooth film that looks like a one-piece construction, as if the windows were created that way.

The one main thing that has changed over the years for 3M window tinting is the number of available options for consumers. You can choose from a wide range of different shades and tint levels. You can go with a light tint that works to block out the sun’s UV rays or go with a total blackout tint job. Just be aware that the tint you use on your car windows has to be within the law’s parameters and practices for safe driving.