The modern automobile is easily one of the best advances in the history of humanity. The idea that you can get into a vehicle and drive to places you need to go is something we can imagine people hundreds of years ago couldn’t fathom. It took humans thousands of years to figure out that they could attach wagons to animals. The fact that we have automobiles is truly a marvel to behold. However, cars are fragile like everything else in life, and it doesn’t take long at all until that nice, new car you purchased becomes a piece of junk that doesn’t run and just sits idle in your driveway. When this happens to your vehicle, what do you do with it?

For a lot of people, their first thought might be just to call in the tow truck and have it hauled off to a junkyard. After all, what are you going to do with junk cars on your property? Some people will even try to invest enough money to get their vehicles running in hopes of selling them, but mostly they just end up losing a lot more money this way. The best thing you can do here is to actually sell that junker for scrap and get as much money as you can from the automobile.


Reasons to Sell Off Your Junker for Scrap Parts

Old rusty corroded car parts in car scrapyard. Car recycling.Wrecking Machinery Parts wait for reused or to be a part for repair.

There’s A Lot More Money in It

The first reason you will want to trade that car for scrap is that there’s actually a lot of money trapped inside that vehicle. Of course, a lot of the car may be junk, but there are tons of parts on there salable for money. From the battery and brakes and bumpers to your AC unit and catalytic converter, there are likely quite a few parts on your car that still operate, and that can bring in money. So if you have an automobile that doesn’t run and you consider it junk, take better care of it until contacting someone to trade with. You can find these sorts of companies locally, and they can make use out of nearly every part of your car that’s in good shape. So you’ll want to protect the windows and rims and tires and other parts on your car.

A Guaranteed Sell

Another reason that you shouldn’t be sending junk cars to the scrap heap is that you are guaranteed to sell at least a few parts from your car. Even if it’s been in a wreck and is considered totalled by the insurance company, you might still have good parts on there like your muffler, radiator, seats and other interior parts, etc. It can be really frustrating to have a junker sitting there in your driveway. You probably think that it’s going to end up costing you more money to have to towed away, so you’re going to be losing twice. This isn’t the case when you sell that car for scrap, however. You’re going to find someone to buy it because they will still end up getting a lot of use out of the parts.

Have the Car Picked Up

Another good reason to sell off your junker for scrap is a more practical reason. Sure, you’re going to end up making some profit financially, as the company you contact is going to want to use as many parts as they can from your junk car. However, you will also be able to get rid of this car without going into your pocket to have it towed. It’s not as if the company just sends someone out to scavenge through the junk parts and only end up taking what they want. The company will actually tow your whole car away, so you won’t have to worry about leaving it sitting out there on your property.

Tens of thousands of people every year end up permanently parking their cars because they’re considered junk. Unfortunately, most of these people just end up having their cars towed away to be crushed. Just always remember that you can make some money by selling your car for scrap.