The battle between land-based and online casinos has ended, with the latter securing a decisive win. There are more people playing over the Internet today than in brick-and-mortar venues and this trend is only gaining strength every year. Mobile devices have made a significant contribution to the success of online casinos by highlighting the convenience of remote gambling. Today, smartphones and tablets are being used by both recreational and savvy punters to play poker, casino games and bet on sports.


Mobile devices challenge PCs and consoles

Online casinos were the first to fully embrace smartphones and tablets as essentially instruments for their gaming environment. Videogame developers are walking in their footsteps, with a plethora of new games being produced exclusively for mobile devices. A significant number of games that was initially available only on PCs and consoles can now be enjoyed on mobile gadgets. These devices are powerful enough to run the games glitch free and except for a few genres, most games are well suited for the small screens.

High-resolution displays, powerful CPUs and on-board video cards have turned mobile devices into serious competitors for traditional gaming gadgets. The unmatched convenience of playing pretty much any game on the move gives smartphones and tablets an edge. Single player games don’t even require an Internet connection, so people can enjoy them wherever they may roam. The only limitations are caused by the rather short battery life of mobile devices and the high power consumption caused by video games.


Online casino games at your fingertips

Specialized apps for Android and iOS powered devices can now be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and the App Store. Online casinos, bookmakers and poker rooms offer these applications for free and they act as gateways to a world of gambling entertainment. They require even fewer resources than traditional video games and are every bit as immersive. Through the app, players can access their online account, load it with cash, contact customer support and play all the games. This takes convenience to an entirely new level, rendering the need to own a computer to gamble online virtually nonexistent.

Speaking of convenience, online gambling operators provide players with a more direct path to enjoying their diversified portfolio of games with comparison sites like listing informative reviews. These are available in instant play format, which means that people can play them straight in the browser without downloading anything. This applies to both real money and virtual currency games, so players can launch the games in a matter of seconds. The only requirement is to have a real money account, which can be set up quickly on the same smartphones and tablets.

Mobile devices have also become the preferred gadgets for browsing social media. Hundreds of millions of people use them every day and a fraction of them have discovered the thrills of social gaming. They can play for free and also be a part of an enthusiastic community of gamers that share their results and the experiences with fellow players.