There are many types of rings. Let’s take a look at what these rings mean:


Diamond ring

The reason why the diamond ring is placed in the first one is because the diamond ring is a favorite of young people today. Sending a girlfriend ring for Valentine’s Day, of course, the first thing to consider is the type of diamond ring. Follow the fashion trend of gift selection thinking, you can pick out the gift that girls prefer.


Emerald ring

A long time ago, the jade ring was a kind of jewelry that the big family could only afford. Now, although the jade ring is not the type of ring that young people like most, some girls who prefer the traditional one are more inclined to the jade ring, and hope to wear an emerald ring when we got married.


Crown ring

It can be said that girls in love have a kind of princess disease, so the small fresh crown ring will also be a Valentine’s Day gift that they especially like, and such a ring represents your infinite love for her.


Topaz ring

Topaz is also known as topaz or citrine. Topaz has many colors. One of the most popular colors for women is the sea-blue topaz, which is inlaid on the ring and exudes a youthful vitality.


Fun ring

If you want your girlfriend to spend a romantic and cheerful Valentine’s Day, you can also choose a fun custom name ring, such as a custom-made ring or a retro-style twist ring, which is a very unique lover Gift.


Ruby ring

Ruby is also known as corundum. Natural rubies are mostly from Asia, Africa, and America. Ruby is a rare diamond, which the price is naturally more expensive. Choose Valentine’s Day to send girlfriend a ruby ​​ring, you may need to buy in advance.


Animal ring

Many girls are especially fond of small animals, so you can also customize an animal-like ring for your girlfriend as a Valentine’s Day gift, which will make your girlfriend feel more intimate.


Which finger does the girlfriend ring wear on:


Middle finger

The left hand will continue my good fortune, and you will stay with me. Willow green red will enjoy with me, whatever the rotation of spring, summer, autumn and winter, we are no longer alone, because the place of love is heaven. The heart is the softest place in a person’s heart. It is filled with the joys and sorrows of a person and all the world. I often hope that someone can approach the depths of my heart and see my weakness and stubbornness. You put on the ring that represents love for me, the middle finger on my left hand, let the ring jump with my heart, let me live with you. There is a gentle side, and your tenderness to the beloved will far more than the gentleness of presenting to other people, like the spring rain.


Sacred ring finger

It is like seeing through everything in the world, savoring the life, all thoughts have disappeared. Even so, I still can’t forget who gave me the joy of savoring a new life, and let me understand how I feel when I live with my loved one. It is this sacred ring finger, which seems to have a duty to bring different feelings to each new couple. The slimness of the ring finger touches the softness of the ring, and the two combine to create a beautiful picture. Like you spread your palms, you have a love witness on my index finger, and we have completed a love ceremony together. Bring up your hands and go together to see the distant future, complete the common ideal and create a better future.