Instagram happens to be one of the most widely used social platforms today. It is more of a visual medium to connect, with majority of the audience being youngsters.

So, if one decides to go for Instagram marketing, then there is an option to go for free instagram tools that can help to get more engagement for your posts. But which ones are worth using? Get to know as we take you through some of the best free Instagram marketing tools this 2019, which are as effective as when you buy facebook likes.


1. Hootsuite


Facing difficulty engaging with your target audience? Here is a tool that allows the user to keep an eye on what individuals are saying regarding your brand, and respond to them right away. It is considered to be amongst the most comprehensive social media management tools using which a user can monitor its numerous social network channels.

Hootsuite can be used to connect to a number of services together such as scheduling of messages, posting updates, reading responses, viewing statistics etc. Also, using this tool, one can maintain a balance between regular posting and establishing a connection with the customer base.


2. Magisto:

2. Magisto

In the event that you are using Instagram for video marketing, you would require Magisto. Create quality videos easily, by uploading your content, and Magisto’s AI-equipped platform will take care of the rest. As indicated by Magisto, their service is nothing lesser than “visual storytelling as fast as writing a blog post.”

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3. Unfold:

Here is one tool that helps to provide a tastefully satisfying appearance to the stories that serves to the attention of the engaged traffic that exists on Instagram. It is quite simple to utilize, and there is no need for the user to pay even a penny in order to use this tool. Being absolutely free, this tool proves to be even more beneficial. It offers a variety of templates which the users can utilize to include more than one photographs from their camera roll or from the stock imagery alongside a description with frisky fonts, prior to uploading the stories.


4. Buffer:

Buffer is likewise yet another powerful Instagram marketing tool that can spare your time with regards to dealing with your Instagram account. Buffer is popular as a utility social media tool for both Twitter and Facebook. However, it can likewise assist you with scheduling and planning your Instagram posts well before.

The best thing about Buffer is that it comes with free and paid plans as well, beginning from $10 each month, and you can likewise utilize it to assess the performance of your content. Another beneficial thing is that you can carry out every one of these tasks, in a single place.


All that you have to do is to create your posts from your desktop, schedule them and allow Buffer to publish them to Instagram in an automatic manner. But remember, this is applicable in case of Business Accounts only.

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5. Repost:

This particular tool serves to be beneficial for those users who are required to utilize another person’s photographs and videos on their wall, to inform their followers regarding the same. The users who possess a community of customers who happen to post user-created content, post which the users can curate the videos, photos by clicking on the repost button while offering the credit to the genuine Instagramers.

Repost helps by saving your valuable time with content marketing and distribution

Grabbing things becomes easy with Repost. Facilitates easy creation of a content library and likewise permits the user to run multiple ads collectively, by assisting the marketers in knowing the preferences of their audience fast and work further as per the need.


6. FocalMark:


An extremely specialized tool that produces some of the most popular hashtags for your uploads, depending on the factors like photo location, image subject, and the camera using which the photo was captured. This tool also possesses a particular content-category which will at that point filter through various hand-collected hashtags, and number them based on their genuineness and reach.

FocalMark is also a tool that facilitates the blacklisting of particular hashtags, which you do not wish to see again.

Due to the fact that with this tool the user gets a quick list of tags, it assists the users in having their posts more relevant by being aware of the correct hashtags for their titles, subject etc.


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7. Iconosquare:

The primary function of this tool is to keep a track of your competitors, and monitor your brand.

Iconosquare is a free tool that comes with powerful analytics to keep a track and monitor both your and your competitors’ performances. With the help of this particular tool, you can check out as to how do your performance piles up to the remainder of your industry. Iconosquare likewise has got an in-built content scheduler, which enables you to post in an automatic manner on Instagram.

This monitoring feature enables you to keep a check on the hashtags – a valuable and very useful feature for keeping a track of what individuals have to say regarding your brand.

So, you can definitely try out these free Instagram marketing tools, and choose amongst them as per your needs. Using these tools will help you to optimize your Instagram based marketing, this 2019.