As you come to the end of this article, you’ll be able to know all about:

  • Why a professional ranking check is important and what personal benefits you can gain from it.
  • Infographic: “Understand Google search queries” – Click behavior – who clicks where and how with which device.
  • Difference between Paid Advertising vs. organic results.


Why Google Ranking Check is important to you?

With a professional ranking check, we provide you with an overview. Also, you get detailed insights that are important to your brand, service, and revenue.

While sitting in the office on Monday morning or Friday afternoon, you’d like to know how your products and services are positioned on Google. You would also want to know what changes there have been and how competitors are doing. You only need to type your keywords in Google, with active cookies or even logged in Google or the wrong browser location, thanks to the professional ranking check.


If you are looking for a free Google Ranking Check, consider asking yourself:

  • How long you want to search?
  • What you hope to get from the free checks?
  • Do they even have the right keywordand do they have search queries at all or are there even better or more keywords?
  • Can you see the device or site-specific results?
  • How long you want to invest your valuable time in your business? SEO belongs in the hands of experts.
  • How worth is your time and how long you want to wait and try? And what is your goal?
  • Where to find the scope – at best free of charge with the competition – which we offer you with no monthly subscription
  • Is there any need for using Ranking Check without in-depth knowledge of keywords and the competition?

The above is what SEOLOTSEN offers while treating each customer differently according to their needs. Basically, this ranking determines how many people will click on your website after a search query. It is also the positioning in the search engine and emphasizes on:

  • 1st place on the first page ofsearch results (SERP 1) gets the most clicks,
  • The 10th place almost none.
  • On page 2 of the search results page (SERP 2) even fewer potential visitors.

With 1000 searches per month, you can get 1% (10 clicks) or 30% (300 clicks)!




Further, SEOLOTSEN explains in detail and provides solutions in case you have an issue with the below questions.

  • Do you know your ranking for each keyword?
  • Do you know the difference between desktop and mobile search?
  • Do you need location-linked results?
  • Are you aware of the monthly searches per keyword & keyword use?
  • Have you chosen the right keyword or you are talking beyond the searcher?
  • Do you know other interesting keywords that you never knew before?
  • Are rankings for search engines different for different countries?
  • Are there better keyword alternatives?
  • Do you know the keyword difficulty?
  • Who are your competitors and what are their strengths?
  • Do you know the ranking of your competitors?
  • Do you know the KEI and your visibility?
  • How many clicks do you get and what competition is there?


Click behavior for search queries

The click behavior differs according to terminal devices. On the desktop, for example, almost 2/3 of the searchers click on an organic search result and only 6% click on an advertisement (more on that later). Nearly 1/3 leaves the search without further action, so without clicking a result.

The mobile search requests via a smartphone look completely different. Here, only about 1/3 of the search engine users’ click on an organic search result. 9% click on the ads and 54% leave the search without having clicked on a result. Afterwards, the position of your keyword or your services and products in the search engines comes to a realization.



Different Search Engines

I am only referring to Google as Bing and Yahoo have less relevance to the German search engine market (estimated share: less than 12 per cent in other countries, this distribution may look very different). These search engines should also not be neglected. Bing, for example, is used by major companies such as Windows and Internet Explorer; the default settings for IT. We also think that such statistics are more about private search habits and that some of the search queries in companies are more than Google’s.

In most cases, the rules for search engine optimization are clearly defined. If you carry out a clean search engine optimization, you can expect good rankings in the other search engines. We as SEOLOTSEN can serve with our SEO tools all relevant search engines and languages ​​in the world. We can record your competitors, all your keywords as well as various search engine rankings all at once and prepare them clearly for you. This is possible up to the top 100 or top 1000. So you can see if your site is somehow rated by Google. If you fail to appear in the Google index at all, you have to look for the reasons. We can also simulate different site searches in our tools.

And then there’s the added difference between search engines and stationary (desktop) and mobile search queries. Mobile searches are steadily increasing. Mobile first indexing is confirmed by Google as an algorithm and most importantly as an all-encompassing overview.

Checking my search engine positioning

The ranking check should always be done first and also continuously when it comes to optimization for the search engine. After all, it’s about optimizing your content for your customers. No matter if it is a new, future or existing website. Your search engine positioning, your keywords, your competitors: This is the beginning of everything and decides your success on the Internet. Without an accurate overview of your current situation, SEO is just one-sided.

Failure to monitor or track your keywords can quickly lead to revenue losses as your competitors suddenly overtake you or if a Google update takes effect. But there are more aspects added: should you fail to find the optimal keyword, you can look for it in AdWords. However, there is always the right keyword for you.

Why choose SEOLOSTEN for Google Ranking Check?

Ideally, your success is our success. We identify the right keywords for you and develop the right strategy with you. We also uphold transparency as we engage in consultation with you. Often keyword ideas do not match monthly searches, the number of competitors, and keyword difficulty.

Another reason for the ranking check is competition analysis. Without detailed knowledge of the competitive strength, you have almost lost and an SEO will do you little good if any. Also, we help you determine the market and the search volume for your keywords if you require that help.

This shows what the rate of optimization of the competition is, the competitive strength, the KEI and much more. You can multiply your success in the search engine rankings even further: for example, by a backlink analysis, plus the SEO check or our website audit.

Bearing in mind that there are many freeware solutions or online checks for Google Ranking Check or SEO, the following are worth considering: The benefit do you get from them,  the time and money you save in learning the subject of search engine optimization and search engine marketing itself and whether you prefer to concentrate on your core business. Many free solutions tend to be island solutions having pending offers. For example, the search is limited to only one keyword or one competitor.

Upon request, we show you your potential and opportunities for improvement on the internet appearance. And once Google has published an update of its algorithms, we can regularly monitor and intervene in position shifts. SEOLOTSEN is very happy to work with maintenance contracts. You determine the extent of your budget and we give our analysis. Even if you want to engage in promotions like Google AdWords, you’ll already have basic insights into the number of searchers, the approximate PPC (cost per click per ad), and your budget per month.


Scope of the ranking check

  • Ranking check in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc. A specific country both locally and globally plus the respective location – with any keywords of your choice
  • Ranking check for other countries and search engines, for example, if you act globally.
  • Competition check for up to 10 other competitors (further runs with additional competitors is also possible)
  • Visibility analysis for your website, keywords, and competitors
  • Number of expected monthly clicks and monthly search volume for each keyword and the Key Efficiency Index (KEI)
  • Domain strength
  • PPC costs for Google AdWords, if you want to advertise
  • KEI / Keyword Efficiency Index
  • Number of searches for your keywords

As a returning customer of the SEOLOTSEN, you can track your ranking over weeks, months and years. This is particularly interesting for you if you are planning for the optimization of your website and want to track keywords and rankings.

Please feel free to reach out and contact us and you’re guaranteed to get the best services at a reasonable fee.