Customer Health Score presents the various magnitudes of customer data metrics and categorizes them into a single illustration of red, green or yellow. It is an amalgamation of all kinds of information which the customer success manager has collected regarding the purchaser, from all inquiries, systems and people, previous and current.

What is Customer Health Scoring?

Basically, Customer Health Scoring is a process in which the customers are scored on the basis of the likelihood of a result that you might consider significant. It enables you to evaluate your relationship with your customers and how it may change later on. Then you may use such data to enhance your interaction with them.

That may sound rather vague because many different businesses do care about different kinds of outcomes. One company might want to evaluate the possibility of their customers’ churning, which is ending their relationship. Whereas, another business might want to evaluate the possibility of their customers’ upselling, which means making an advanced acquisition. There isn’t any law that restricts the companies to just predict a single outcome.

The Importance of Health Scoring:

Basically, when the needs and desires of your customers are met with and their anticipations are exceeded, they are simply the best marketers for your business in the world. Think about an instant when you might have had an extraordinary experience when it comes to customer service from any company. I’m sure that would’ve increased your love for that particular company.

Your customers are also very similar. Depending on what a good service may mean to different customers, when you provide your customers with a good service, you are more likely to you get a positive feedback regarding your company by your customers. Customer referrals are very powerful. This is especially true when you’re selling a product which is rather costly and even needs a long-term commitment. If your business provides a stellar customer service, your current customers will stay loyal to you and you’ll be able to retain them but at the same time, you’ll also be able to gain a lot of new customers.

Is Customer Health Scoring Effective?

It takes both effort and time to develop a customer health scoring system but it’s easy to say that the advantages of it are worth it. Many businesses do have a framework that is still just a work in progress, but it progresses each month. It is important to realize that your Customer Health Score can’t be built in a day.


From all of the above content, it’s obvious that Customer Health Scoring is the key to offering a stellar customer service. Once you have already set up your own system and have gathered all the necessary information, you’ll have the understanding of how you might be required to address every customer’s individual pain points. In return of that, you’ll get to enjoy a much lesser churn, greater customer retention, enhanced acquisition, as well as more success generally.