As the world is rapidly transitioning into a robotic era, with practicing everything on gadgets, many industries worldwide have moved their marketing campaigns online. The content not only revolves around the IT sector but almost every company prefers to make its business approachable and reachable around the globe.

The most effective yet competitive way to spread your business is by creating a landing page website.

The following article is going to discuss a web design and development company named Clio Websites based in Calgary, Alberta.

As much as it seem similar to a homepage, a landing page is quite different. A homepage has several diversions and distractions while a landing is page is super focused.


Before proceeding further and deeply analysing the contents of creating a business landing page through Clio Websites, you need to know what exactly is a business landing page.


Do you know what is a landing page?

A landing page is a crucial part of the design development process and targets to attract visitors and get them engaged in a conversation.

It needs to be pertinent , relevant and to-the-point yet all embracing, and that’s exactly what this article is about. The following content will teach you how to design a small business landing page that will turn the visitors into “customers”.


What is Clio all about?

This company is a full service web design company based out of Calgary, Alberta. This Calgary web design company. Established in 2008, it originated as a database and software development company. As the online business world started to expand, Clio decided to focus and grow their web design and internet marketing proficiency and expertise.

Components offered by Clio to design a landing page:

  • A strong UVP (Unique Value Proposition)
  • A convincing USP (Unique SellingProposition)
  • A Responsive Web Design
  • Website Maintenance
  • Clio Web Design Process
  • Keeping to a Simple Layout
  • Establishing Big Business with a Low Budget
  • Why should you go for Clio?

We know these complex terms may sound alien to you but don’t worry. We have elaborated these points for better understanding.


A strong UVP

A UVP (Unique Value Proposition) is a clear statement of the material results a customer gains from using your product or services.

An effective UVP is often quantitative, referring to numbers and percentages. This may include a brief summary of your work with similar customers in order to elevate demonstration of your capability.

Pro tip: Use video content to give a 360 view of your product or service in ways that image and text fail to.

People respond more enthusiastically to emotional cues which encourages viewers to click.


A Convincing USP

Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is the main ingredient which sets your product or service distinct from others. The ultimate answer to the most commonly asked question “What makes this offer special” will be your USP which will position your offer differently and better from others in the race.

Your landing page needs to convey this proposition in a condensed way. The aforementioned point will ensure that the visitor’s concerns and issues are addressed properly and he/she has entered the right shop. For this, your content needs to be thorough and extensive albeit germane to your product or service:

  1. The Main Headline: The main headline is the first thing that is going to catch the reader’s attention. So it is important that you describe the main purpose of your product in the headline.
  2. Subheading: Since headlines need to be short and sweet, sometimes you’ll need subheadings to add in extra information. A subheading can assist in conveying a secondary persuasive message.


A Responsive Web Design:

Since half of all web activity comes from mobile, Clio uses HTML and CSS to  adjust size, contract, conceal or supplement a website to make it look adaptable on all devices. Having a professionally designed site that performs on most devices is very important. Clio offers you a chance to include any hero image or video associated with your product that could entice visitors to look deeply into your product and might as well find it interesting.


Website Maintenance:

This website maintains several high traffic websites and CMS systems. Their company takes special care of the client’s website maintenance and makes it secure. This minimises data loss risk and keeps the content backed up to avoid any errors in future.

Although they don’t host the websites they develop, they manage your existing hosting provider or could suggest you a new provider in case you don’t have one.

According to the website, for static Bootstrap, HTML websites, they only bill clients if changes are requested. In case of a WordPress site, there are several tasks which require monthly maintenance.

You could also add social sharing icons so that your customers can spread the word about your brand. These social sharing icons become a sort of word-of-mouth promotion campaign.


Clio’s Web Design Process:

If you visit their page, you’ll find out that their client’s project engagement entails:

  • They start by listening to your requirements, needs, queries and concerns. The Clio family calls it the requirements gathering phase. Questions revolving around your passion and motivation, your interest and what sets you apart from the competition will be asked.
  • Next comes the planning phase which is based on your responses. In this phase, the website demonstrates what type of content and functionality will be suited for your business. So be careful when you answer your requirements. A wire frame and a temple is designed based on your taste and preferences.
  • After the completion of the planning phase, they take you to the design and development phase. In this, they start loading your website with content and validating security and performance.
  • In the next stage, Clio starts testing and validating the website with your help.
  • Once the testing phase is complete and the client is satisfied with his/her work, your website will be launched.
  • And finally the last step is the support and maintenance phase. Once it is launched, Clio will monitor it to ensure that it is protected and performing well for your users.


Keeping to a Simple Layout

Everyone wants their company to be unique and make it stand out amongst all other companies. And that’s where impressive presentation comes in. From factors like fonts to colour, style and even lead generation forms, combine together to contribute to a complete presentation. Many branding agencies, merely keep updating the same old website , would repurpose the same old website with a few minor alterations. But when Clio designs, they put your business and brand as their first priority. You are going to have a website that has been customised precisely  to showcase your business. The content provided as well as the functionality of will always be in line to cater to your business specifically.


Establishing Big Business with a Low Budget

We are well aware of the painstaking process of assembling a well built band of web developers on the payroll and how costly they can get. Fortunately, Clio introduces large business sketch at an affordable price for potential clients. The website will work as a surface augmentation of your team to guide you and solve problems that your business might encounter in future.


Why should you go for Clio?

Are you still having second thoughts about Clio? Need a social proof? Don’t stress out!

Clio has proven to be reliable by helping dozens of clients successfully launch new websites and attract new customers. The website claims to have attracted numerous new leads per month and generated thousands of dollars in revenue each month using WordPress e-commerce solutions. A review about Canada Immigration and Visa Services is posted on their website indicating their credibility and professionalism.


We hope this extensive review about about Clio Web design Calgary , Alberta has helped you figure out your business opportunities. If you’re curious, head to their website to find out more details and start creating your own business landing page!