Web development is a field that is constantly evolving, with new technologies being developed to create effective user experiences for consumers, from simple HTML in the nineties to today’s javascript libraries, such as React and Angular. Now, developers are also required in Virtual Reality or VR, creating lifelike artificial and digital environments viewed through 3D glasses. The technology is developing in a rapid paste, and we take a closer look at both the basics of today’s websites, along with exciting new technologies.


Security and SSL encryption

Security is crucial when browsing the web. When you visit an insecure website, your browser connects to that site and sends information publicly. Filling in a form or entering your credit card on an insecure website means hackers can intercept the information and steal your details.

A website protected by SSL, on the other hand, will create a secret connection between the server hosting the website and your browser. Hackers trying to steal the information will therefore not be able to access it, which means that the information you share on the website is safe. Therefore, SSL encryption is crucial for any website that handles money transactions, such as online shopping sites or real money online casinos you can find right here. You want to make sure your information is in secure hands, so avoid making any payments on shopping- or real money casino sites without SSL encryption.

It’s easy to check if a website is SSL encrypted. If the website’s address starts with HTTPS, it is probably safe as it’s SSL encrypted. The letter S is crucial here, as websites beginning with HTTP are not SSL encrypted.


CMS – Content Management System

A CMS or “content management system” is often used to manage a website’s content. WordPress and Drupal are some of the most common systems in use today, and both have a low threshold for those who want to get started. Drupal is used for larger websites, and WordPress, which was previously intended for bloggers, is often used for smaller ones. However, both systems are customizable and expandable based on need.


Smartphones and tablets

Today’s web developers need to be able to create websites and apps for a wide range of electronic devices. These include smartphones, such as the iPhone or Android. Tablets, laptops and TVs are also used by a large proportion of the population to visit websites. In order to adapt to the latest hype in the field, web developers should also be able to create content using “virtual reality” displayed in 3D glasses such as the Oculus Rift.


AI and self-driving cars

Today it is possible to work as a programmer in various fields, including AI or Artificial Intelligence. Robots have now started to take over the stock market, with software in trading robots handling stock trading for customers. This type of high-frequency trading means that robots can sell and buy shares at lightning speed and much more efficiently than a human day trader can. As a programmer, developing this kind of software can, of course, be very lucrative, and it is always good to be able to find new business areas for programming.

There are also now more and more self-driving cars that contain sensors to collect data from the environment. In these cars, it is possible to find computers with AI-based software that can process this data in real-time and make decisions about how the car should move in different situations. Self-driving or autonomous vehicles, as they are also known, can lead to safer traffic with less environmental impact, fewer accidents and more accessible public transport.

Experiments with driverless vehicles have been carried out since the 1920s. The advent of the internet started the development that has led to today’s self-driving cars, which rely heavily on a fast and secure internet connection. Tests of fully autonomous vehicles are now underway in several parts of the world. There are also many challenges with self-driving cars. Cost is an issue, as developing new technology is expensive, as are the vehicles themselves. It also requires significant social investments to realize self-driving cars on a larger scale.