All the girls (read it as lazy girls) dreams of flawless glowing skin, but that’s what they do. Dream. From their bed. However, nothing can beat their love for the beds! 😛

It seems like a mountainous task for a lazy girl to achieve the desired glow on her face. Exactly why I am here today, enlisted our daily skin struggles and some extremely easy solutions to fix them so that you can get the Kylie Jenner skin while lounging, eating the hundredth snack of the day. Along with trying various natural beauty products, make sure to use these easy hacks.

Remember to take off the previous day’s makeup

Sure, you most probably used a wipe to take off your eye makeup the night before, but you almost certainly also woke with a mess below your eyes.

The key to looking good is to start out fresh and wipe that excess makeup off, even though the day after is your no-makeup day!

To really get the makeup off, wet a cotton pad with an oil-based makeup remover. Use extremely light downward motion to eliminate the excess makeup. This process keeps you from being rough with the very delicate skin around your eyes and thus save you from reddening skin and irritation.

Avoid leaving white powder residue on your face and neck

Translucent powder is incredibly good for setting your look, however, it usually leaves a trace.

To avoid that, apply the powder by using your makeup sponge. This technique makes the powder less visible. You need to sprinkle some amount of the translucent powder into the product’s cap and then dampen your makeup sponge slightly with water. Next, squeeze the sponge to eliminate excess water, and then press the powder into your skin for a perfect finish.

Use Eye Cream as a Magic eraser when your eye makeup smudges

Imagine this: you’re nearly finished your scrupulous cat eye, at that very moment one very little jostle leaves your perfect line looking squiggly—and worse, your makeup remover is nowhere to be found.

Most lazy girls may be tempted to give up and decide to call it a lost cause—after all, who’s got the time (and energy) to begin all over? This is where your eye cream will come in handy. Simply take a Q-tip and dab it into your eye cream. Next, use the Q-tip to erase eye makeup by rubbing it over the spots. As a cherry on the cake, this trick will also facilitate the de-puffing of eyes and brightening of skin—two things the laziest of girls can appreciate.

If your nails are stained with nailpolish, grab Your Toothbrush

Water and lemon might the ultimate magic ingredient for removing the stains on your nailpolish, but practically, who has time for it? So here’s your rescue: Grab an additional toothbrush, squeeze on some whitening toothpaste, and scrub your nails. The hydrogen peroxide in the paste enables removing the stains in a pinch.

You can easily deflate Puffy Eyes

Soothing the area under your eye with moisturizers is a great and simple method of reducing inflammation in that region. You can also reduce the chances of having puffy eyes by sleeping on two pillows. Yep, that’s right. When you lounge about on your bed, make sure that you rest your head on two soft pillows.

When your head is elevated, gravity does the task for you and drains the fluids under your eyes, thus, decreasing possibilities of having puffiness the next morning. Plus, it is quite comfortable to sleep like that!

Petroleum jelly helps your perfume stay for longer time periods.

You are dancing away at a party, the sweat takes over your perfume and the pungent smell embarrasses you forcing you to leave right away – sounds familiar? Well, then this is your hack!

Apply a dab of petroleum jelly at your pulse points before your favourite scent. It is proved that jelly helps the scent to adhere, even Cosmopolitan admits to that! 😉

Here’s to all the lazy girls!

I know you are not always appreciated for the less that you want to do. But here’s a reality check for the world: Just because we chose to do less, doesn’t mean we don’t do it well.

Here’s to celebrating all the lazy yet resourceful beautiful ladies!