Perodua is the ultimate company of Malaysia, as Volkswagen stands in Germany. We can note the Perodua to have been consistent in terms of quality and performance, as well as in winning attention of people due to provision of a reasonable reach as well as the complete experience. Perodua Myvi- the ultimate car has given people of Malaysia as well as in Singapore the ability to buy their first ever cars and the results were not disappointing at all. Perodua might not ring a bell for you, as the company’s roots remain in UK and the startup only started about 22 years back in 1998. In just two decades, Perodua has marked its practicality and affordability in terms of cars; and its making its way into other countries besides Malaysia.


A Reasonable Package

There have been editions of the Perodua Myvi, but the Myvi has so far taken over the stage in Malaysia. The counterparts of the car are Japanese, which mark its quality and durability. Myvi has shared many generations of the counterparts with Daihatsu Sirion, the only edge to the Myvi 2020 is the addition of LED headlights to accentuate the front body shape of the car. Unlike the previous models of Myvi, the Myvi 2020 has emerged from the bubbly phase and has elapsed into a more modern and sharper look with bold lines. The head lights are cheeky with LED light standard. The Myvi comes with a longer wheelbase as well.


Interior Details

The Perodua Myvi comes with an impressive amount of space inside the car. The driver’s seat of the Myvi 2020 is flexible and spacious and is situated with enough legroom in the rear for passengers. The car is ideal for a small family with enough space and creative features infused in the interior of the car. We could not find any front center armrest between the driver and passenger seat; however, the rare seat passenger has easy access to the USB charging port. This USB charging port is places on the front of the seat bolsters which is a clever placement. The car comes with a anti snatch hook for hanging handbags, perfect for ladies who use the car as their daily mode of transportation.

The cabin for Myvi comes with simple and elegant design, that is both user convenient as well as good looking. The front board comes with a row of switches and buttons that help you control the sound system, lighting, and might light. The cabin quality for the Myvi is luxurious and surprisingly elegant, which adds to the beauty of the car. What marks the quality of any car is not only its engine and exterior but also its interior.


Specifications and Running Cost Involved

Myvi 2020 comes with a surprising 1.3 liter engine with 85bhp. This is a flexible unit to offer which gives the car a smooth turn. The car is a fast and smooth drive on the roads and does not trouble much when it comes to quality and durability. When you are going around town on this, the car is a striking lively unit that can help you nip in and out of the lines in traffic with ease and smooth movements. As wapcar point out, The Myvi comes with an option for automatic transmission to help the car drive in smooth four speed.

The car not only comes with a good engine and driving quality, but also comes with the guarantee for the Japanese components infused in the car. The Myvi 2020 serves not only for its exterior and driving movement, but also for the beautiful interior that it offers. Other than this, you can find an option of locking with remote, as well as an immobilizer for the security of your Myvi 2020. The automatic locks are connected to an alarm in case an intruder breaks into the car. The rear seats of the car are split and fold down which make them slightly tilted. The Myvi comes with a flip-down compartment on the center console which makes it a great place for holding pens, loose change, mobile phones etc.


Practicality of the Car

When it comes to the practicality of the car, the best results are given by public reviews and number of sales that make up the complete record. However, there are some things that can be noted. The Myvi 2020 is not a crash tested model, which is a quality signature of the best brands. However, the competitor and similar model of Myvi, the Daihatsu Sirion has been awarded four stars for its design which marks the practicality of the car. Taking the Myvi 2020 alongside with the Daihatsu promises quality and performance of the car. In the history of the Perodua cars, there has not been any problem reported so far. Other than this, you can say that the Perodua Myvi is one of the most reasonable cars with best performance.

The safety measures in the car include three-point seatbelts all round, seatbelt pre-tensioners, ABS with electronic brakeforce distribution and air bags from the dual front to protect the passengers and drivers at their best in case of any accident.


Final Verdict

Although it is not a common name around the countries, but the Perodua Myvi is an excellent car which is not only reasonable in terms of Myvi price, but also serves excellent quality. The Myvi 2020 is easy to drive, as well as built and engineered by the best experts. The car requires light and smooth steering which makes the car light on your hand as well. This is an excellent car for everyday use. The running cost of the car is also reasonable, as well as it comes with ample legroom, good exterior, LED headlights for the night and the ultimate smooth drive that eliminates all the bumps on the road for your driving experience. Myvi 2020 is the ultimate car for people who are looking for quality in a reasonable price.