Men’s magazines. We should talk about that. Why? Because in magazines we think of women very often and men get rid of them. But he also reads (looks at?) Quite a few magazines.

They hardly read magazines, which seem to be spent more on women. But the magazines that are full of tough and fast topics such as cars, wine coolers (Dutch translated: wijnkoelkast), backpacks for gentlemen (Dutch translated: rugtas heren) and sports are doing well with men. Decorated with a dash of sex and the background story. Then you have the series.


Work-related topics are doing well

The subjects that can appeal to men are often in the line of sports, cars, sex and in some cases nutrition. The Men’s Health magazine is making a big contribution. An article about ‘a marathon for whiskey enthusiasts, takes two birds with one stone: sport and drink. In addition to whiskey, nowadays the specialty beer and certainly also wine attracts the interest of many people. You will not be the first to have a real wine refrigerator in his house.

In addition to showing photos of an Instagram babe, much attention is also paid to work-related topics. “Are you a leader or a follower?” Or “5 lies to get up faster” are doing well. The man wants to move forward when it comes to working. Every day he goes to the office with his stylish men’s backpack. There may be some attention to that.


Playboy as a list pusher

Sport is the order of the day. There is certainly a lot of attention to muscle growth. Fast cars are also doing well. Which lifestyle magazine is number 1 for men? Let’s start with the list pusher in the top 10: Playboy. The above topics are all included.

Then there is the Formula1 magazine that scores high as well as the Top Gear magazine. The car is still a big item in the men’s world. Esquire is more about lifestyle. Men’s Health is at the center of this list, focusing primarily on sports and healthy living. Muscle & Fitness magazine also fits in the same line.

Elsevier takes a broader approach when it comes to men’s subjects. In it more large articles with analyzes and deep backgrounds. The same applies to Quest. At number 1: Voetbal International. Need we say more.


Foreign online magazines becoming popular!

In addition, there are many foreign magazines online that are becoming increasingly popular such as New Man, Maxim, Car and Driver, and Wired. The latter wins more and more readers. Which do you read?