If you want to start looking for a job, think twice before sending your resume information to any type of company. Since most likely they will not accept your request for some personal reason, many times it is because they do not value the knowledge you may have.

On the other hand, if you decide to make requests through a web page that has job offers, you will undoubtedly get several positive responses. Although not all pages of this type are reliable, which is why we have compiled some of the most popular job boards today.



Actually, this is not a real job portal; in fact it is a social platform, just like any social network, similar to Facebook or Twitter. However, it is one of the essential pages you can find, used by most professionals who offer or seek jobs.

The page is very simple to use; when entering you will have to fill out your professional profile adding all the knowledge you handle. If you have college degrees, courses, and the like, it would be a good idea to add those as well, as they will help attract the attention of various companies.

If you want to find a specific job, you have to take advantage of this website’s automated system. Search for the job you want to do or go directly to the profico’pany’s profilee you want to start working on launching an application.

The page even has several tools that will help you build your resume, significantly improving its information and design. You will be able to contact the representatives of the companies where you applied for the jobs, after speaking with them you will be able to specify the job you want.


Info jobs

This is one of the classic portals that can be found on the web; with it, you can request a job tailored to your needs. This is thanks to the fact that it has an excellent filter when performing any search.

You can even add delimitations that will allow a much more precise search, perfect for getting the job you always wanted. It has a section for first jobs; it will be beneficial when you finish university or if you are taking a course.

In this job bank, you can find international job offers, giving you better options and opportunities to improve economically. If you dig a little on this page, you will find the section for training, where you will see a lot of courses available.

From university education and master, you will find all kinds of courses, all with accurate titles that will help you improve or completely change your career. The classes can be online or face-to-face; everything will depend on your country of origin and the disposition you have at the moment of learning.



This option is similar to LinkedIn since it is not entirely a job portal; it is a search engine. In other words, you will be able to find all kinds of job offers in the same way that you search for any information from Google.

On this website, there are more than 100 million users worldwide, so it will undoubtedly be easy to find answers here. You have to enter the web and start looking for specific job offers according to your work needs.

It is not strictly necessary that you add your resume on this page since you will be able to find any offer without it. This page is viral among users, as it offers very high employment effectiveness without the need for a flashy resume.


Google jobs

Let’s pause to remember that we have one of the best search engines that has existed, Google. This search engine has a tool that allows you to find all kinds of jobs, something very similar to what Indeed does.

This is one of the best options, especially if you make the requests from the computer that you are used to using daily. Google uses various artificial intelligence to organize your data and find you a better job.

The search carried out by this tool is global, entering thousands of portals to find an ideal job option for your abilities. You will be able to find famous companies and get all kinds of opportunities thanks to this simple Google tool.


eCom & Jobs

If you are a specialist in digital jobs, this may be one of the best options you will find on the web and within this list since this page offers jobs oriented to e-commerce, finding professional careers linked to digital marketing.

The portal stands out for its simplicity; anyone could use the platform, and it is visually friendly and very easy to understand. Thanks to its enormous number of filters, you will be able to discard the jobs that do not favor you and find those that adapt to your needs.

Upon entering this portal, you will quickly notice that it has a section where it offers advice when preparing your resume. After finishing, it you can find excellent jobs, some with managerial positions or digital marketing directors.

You will undoubtedly find all kinds of jobs on this page, since it has a vast repertoire for remote computer jobs. Do not miss the opportunity and start looking for options on this portal; some e-commerce jobs are listed as the best paid today.



It is not a page to find jobs; the truth is that you can find all kinds of things on this website. This is because its services are related to the publication of ads, encompassing all kinds of sales sectors.

There is a section where you can find ads with job offers, ranging from face-to-face to remote computer jobs. There are jobs for all sectors, be it technology, mechanics, engineering, and even specific and straightforward jobs like doing some shopping and delivering orders.

The best thing about this website is that you can also offer services and advices, post your ad so that jobs look for you. In this way, your future clients will be able to have an accurate reference that you are offering the service they are looking for.

The search on this page is very fast and has some filters to make the search a little easier and improve the results. What should be taken into account is that here you can find a lot of spam from people offering all kinds of things.

To avoid any problems, make sure you read each offer carefully; with a quick reading, you will be able to differentiate between spam and actual job offers. Once you have selected it, you will only have to contact the employer and carry out the work; it is that simple.



This is more of a meeting page, many companies meet to offer and perform jobs. Monster goes all out on social media, making the most of it to help its users find the job they’re looking for.

It has an application for Facebook called BeKnown, with which you can search for companies that are looking for a specific service. You can also find all kinds of the necessary information on the official page, from a job blog with various job opportunities to education and training.

Not only will you find a job that suits your needs, but you will also be able to expand your knowledge and aspire to improve your economy. Each user has a private profile where they can create and modify their curriculum and add the courses they take.

The idea of ​​the web is that the user can increase their earnings as they learn new and better trades. There is even the opportunity to assess companies positively or negatively, serving as a reference for future workers.

In this way, those companies that have scammed any user will be completed wholly on this website. Users seeing negative evaluations will be able to avoid wasting their time and knowledge, giving them the opportunity for more jobs.



If you are a specialist in the IT, technology, and telecommunications sector, this is your job page. You can find daily offers on this website, thanks to the many users, offering perfect job opportunities for anyone.

With excellent pay, you can even find freelance jobs, whether writing, editing, or content creation. Besides, you can also find jobs for managerial positions in marketing or business administration and online service or sales pages.

There are more than 20 thousand companies with job offers every day, and most of them are for remote workers. So you will undoubtedly find a suitable offer in a concise time; you have to go to the search engine and filter the preferences you want.

Many users fear finding a good job but one that offers unfortunate pa, because with the “Techno-Calculator,” this will not happen. This calculator uses all the information you provide to validate your knowledge, then performs some calculations and offers a salary adjusted to your experience.

Relevant information such as where you live, the technologies you can use and other things have also eaten the salary. After this, you can choose if the amount offered is beneficial to you or if you are looking for something better.

The page even offers a section to create a more detailed, easy-to-understand, and eye-catching resume. In addition to this, it has training videos that help improve the odds of obtaining many more offers.



Are you a graphic designer? Then this page will be like a job paradise for you, as it specializes in offering these types of jobs. This website is a huge creative community where all kinds of companies and freelancers meet.

Take advantage of all the job offers it has to offer, not only designs,  but also offers job offers for marketing and new technologies. In the search engine, you will be able to find the specific offers; you will only have to carry out a small search and select the offer you want.

One of the advantages of this page is that you can demonstrate your skill since trial work is allowed. This is an efficient way to find the most qualified people to do a job, so take advantage of it and show all your experience.

Although to be able to see the offers that exist in this portal, you will have to enter with your email or Facebook account, otherwise, you will not be able to see them. It also has PRO accounts where many resources are offered that will be useful for creative users.



With the name  you can start to get an idea of ​​what this website offers, mainly jobs for digital marketers. Although a specific topic is handled, in reality, you can find very varied offers; this is thanks to the variety of sectors that marketing covers.

You will be able to find jobs that go from web page designers destined to the commercialization of all kinds of instruments or services. Even offers that involve market analysis, content management and project management.

On this website you can find a large number of articles, which will help you understand how the page itself works. In addition to this, it also offers several articles intended for the user to have more job opportunities and obtain many more benefits.

Now that you have known the most popular job boards that currently exist, you will undoubtedly be able to find a job that suits your needs and knowledge. On each page, you can find varied offers, if you have different knowledge you can take advantage of it to get the most out of it and change the way you work.