South Korea is a country of extremes. Ever since the launch of K-Pop, it has taken the world by a storm. It is a powerhouse when it comes to technology and entertainment. There is a lot that the small country on the Korean peninsula has to offer. One of the things that South Koreans are known for is playing online games. The country is home to one of the best online game players in the world. If you want to find out the most popular online games that are played in South Korea, then this post is just for you.

Known for being competitive, South Koreans love a good challenge and these popular online games are just that. If you want to be a part of the gaming world, then continue reading on. There’s nothing to be surprised about when you hear residents of Seoul playing online games for up to 12 hours a day. Young Koreans love gaming, especially games such as World of Warcraft. After all, there are plenty of YouTube channels that are dedicated to catering to the masses and they are treated like rock stars among the youth. So, let’s find out what are the most popular online games in South Korea.



Cyphers is an extremely addictive combat game which has an ultimate goal to destroy buildings. It has a lot to offer, hence its popularity among South Koreans. Cyphers has its own dedicated cosplayers that like to join in on the fun. Players get to fight one another and try out some amazing moves to make it to the top. The user interface of the game allows multiple players to play together at the same time which only makes it a more fun game to play with your friends. The game is action packed.



Warcraft is a game that needs to introduction. It is an amazing game which will give you the chills. Known for its high fantasy real-time strategy, the game will keep you occupied at all times. Choose from any of the civilizations, that is whether the undead, humans, orcs or trees. The game allows you to compete with friends and fight head on. Choose from any of the hundreds of characters and try out their cool moves with a head to head. South Koreans are really good at Warcraft. The game is easy to learn and offers many different scenarios for you to try out. Conquer enemies and navigate through different terrains to find out who has got what it takes to become a champion. The game feels amazingly real. There are lots of things that you need to learn about the game. So, you can even try out the offline game to learn the skills and then try them out online. Become a hero or a villain with adventure all around. Players can become an Azeroth legend on Warcraft.



Lineage is a game that is set in medieval times. It is a medieval fantasy game which is perfect for multiplayers. It runs smoothly and allows you to choose from any of the roles. The game is very popular in South Korea. Users can select from a class of characters. The playable types include magician, prince, knight, dark elf and elf. Each of the class has its own different abilities and attributes. They also begin in a completely different area in the universe of Lineage. As each of the character develops, players will have the opportunity to form blood pledges or alliances in order to gain many advantages in the game.

There is also an advanced marriage system in Lineage which allows the players to obtain rings in order to complete wedding ceremonies. Once players are married, they will be able to teleport to the location of their spouse.

One of the most liked features on Lineage is its unique pet system which allows players to obtain pets of different types that range from beagles to killer rabbits and the opportunity to train their pets to meet their individual needs. It does take some time to train the animal. The focus of the game is on player vs. player combat.


Dungeon & Fighter

Dungeon & Fighter is a multiplayer online game which offers South Koreans with the right dose of action that they need in their lives. The game is almost similar to the classic 2D slash and beat up games like Double Dragon and Golden Axe. Players will get the opportunity to fight with hordes of monsters to show that they have what it takes to become the ultimate fighter.

There are even certain social aspects to the game which include Party Play, PVP Arenas and Guilds to name a few. By using an upper row of hotkeys, skills can easily be designated which would further on expand as the player progresses in the game. However, keep in mind that players would have to choose the input command manually in order for certain skills to be performed such as the Blade Master would have to press the specific hotkey for the Draw Sword skill. It is also possible to have certain skills performed with direct input. Press on the arrow keys in the correct sequence in order to directly input the skills on the game. Dungeon & Fighter is addictive and will keep you on your toes throughout the time you play the game.



Starcraft is somewhat similar to Warcraft. After all, it has been developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game allows players to wage war against one another across the galaxy and provides them with the opportunity to choose from any of the three powerful and unique races. The game is a real-time strategy focused one. Players have to gravest resources on Starcraft which allows them to spend these resources on research, units or buildings. A player would lose if his buildings get destroyed.

Users begin the game with just a single building and some constructing and harvesting units. The main focus of the game is to create a strategic and economic advantage which will allow you to defeat your opponents. Users have to overpower their opponent’s units in order to win. It allows them to raze their opponent’s buildings to the ground. Everything happens in real-time and players get a score which shows which user will win.

The great thing about the game which makes it popular among South Koreans is the fact that it is all set in outer space which is somewhat similar to Alien, the old science fiction franchise. Millions of South Koreans play the game regularly and there is even a televised event which celebrates the game.


Blade & Soul

Bade & Soul is fervently played across South Korea. It is an extremely popular online game. The game offers a world of Asian martial arts fantasy to players. Rise, strike and avenge is the name of the game. Join the multiplayer online universe that is Blade & Soul. The tale of revenge is what the game is all about. Play the game and see how it all unravels into a breathtaking universe where mythology and martial arts meet head to head. The game allows you to become a strong warrior on your path to vengeance. Choose from any of the four unique races that the game has to offer. Each race has its own detailed character customization features which help shape their persona with endless possibilities.

Explore the stunning world of Blade & Soul by jumping, sprinting and glide across the amazing terrain. The world is cinematic and it never runs out of places for you to explore. Use the power of wind walk to easily dash across rivers, glide across the forests and jump from mountains. The game provides players with the opportunity to avenge fellow students after the arrival of the wicked Jinsoyun.

Choose from the 11 classes of options and join the action combat game to fight foes and challenge friends. It takes time to become a true master in the game. There are a variety of Dungeons which you can explore with your friends online and hone your combat skills to become a true warrior. Pick from any of the races. These are the mighty Gon which have Dragon energy infused in them, the Jin race that is versatile and wise, the Yun race which have the beauty of the Phoenix and are all female, and finally the Lyn race that are the descendants of Kirin which means they have otherworldly mysticism.


Graph Game

Graph Game or 그래프게임 is incredibly popular among South Koreans. It allows players to win big without having to put too much effort into the game. There are plenty of referrals which show why the game has become a huge success. There is something for everyone on the gaming platform. Hence, it has become widely well-known across the Korean peninsula. Try out the game now to win big. It offers all the information that gamers need in order to win.


Sudden Attack

Played by thousands of South Koreans, Sudden Attack is one of the most popular online games in the country. It is a first person shooter game which has topped the gaming charts. The game is of high quality which makes it very fun to play. The game consists of two teams, namely blue and red. The blue team is the United Great Force, while the red team is the Tanzirilo Independence Force.

The game has various types of play matches which are available for different maps. Some of the games modes available are capture the flag, destruction, death match and custom modes like knife only, pistol only or sniper only. Both of the teams have to satisfy the conditions set such as achieving a certain amount of kills, successful detonation and planting, and defusing of a bomb.

The online game has two major currencies which are points and cash. Points need to be earned by playing the game. While on the other hand, cash is based on real money and is charged on the basis of monetary payment in exchange for points. Payments can be paid through bank transfer, house phone billing and cell phone billing. Both cash and points can be spent on the game’s shop to buy different weapons. In-game boosts can also be purchased and enabled by cash payment, as well as special bonus items and specific team outfits. There are also plenty of promotions to earn cash and points.


Fifa Online

Football is very popular in South Korea and that is why Fifa Online has amassed a huge number of fans in the country. Fifa Online allows players to choose any of their favorite teams and play in the English Premier League, La Liga, and any other leagues. There is also the choice of selecting your own custom team.

Fifa Online is the perfect game for sports lovers. It feels almost like real football and players get to compete with their friends or the opportunity to play together in the same team. Fifa has a somewhat cult following in South Korea. Check out the game on your own to see why South Koreans cannot seem to have enough of the game.


League of Legends (LOL)

League of Legends is not only the most popular online game in South Korea but in the entire world. It is a multiplayer online battle game which has been made to take out all your anger to make it big in the universe of League of Legends.

Fight with your friends head to head and build your own empire to wipe out opponents from the world of League of Legends. There is something for everyone on the game. Combine lighting reflexes with strategic thinking to crush enemies in battles. League of Legends hosts numerous tournaments every year. Join the biggest online gaming community by playing League of Legends and build teams and make friends.