As the weather grows colder and colder, we change our clothes to much more warmer items – we introduce woolly sweaters, big snug coats and cosy shawls. But we can’t also forget about the perfect winter shoes! Which pairs will find their way into your wardrobes?


Elegant Chelsea boots

In the wintertime, every woman will need comfortable and practical day-to-day shoes. Chelsea boots  will be a great choice to wear for running everyday errands – you can comfortably commute to and from work, walk with your dog or simply pop out to the store. Choose a simple pair in black or dark brown to maximize its versatility. You should remember that this model is very easy to style as well – you can wear the boots with jeans, dress pants and even dresses and skirts.


Comfortable hiking boots

If you’re an enthusiast of nature and you regularly go on walks during winter months, you will need reliable and functional hiking boots. They will keep your feet warm and ensure proper ankle support, even if you will decide to hike through the hills. Be sure to choose a waterproof pair with a high degree of breathability and non-slip soles. You’ll also want to make sure that the shoe’s fit is snug but without feelings of tightness – you should be able to move your toes freely.


Stylish chunky heels

Clearly, winter is not the most favourable time for wearing high heels. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t find a stylish and comfortable pair – just be sure to look for boots with chunky and stable heels. These models will be the perfect height increasing shoes. Not only they will give you a few extra inches of height, but they will be much more comfortable than pumps you wear during summer and spring. Make sure the pair you’ll choose has built-in ankle – that way your feet will stay warm even on snowy days.


Trendy knee-length boots

There is no better time for women who love knee-length boots than the winter months. You can wear them with tight-fitting trousers, woolly shorts and even dresses and skirts. Of course, depending on your needs, you can choose a model with a flat sole or a higher heel. It is also a great and quick way to make your legs look longer! Who wouldn’t want that?