Considered to be one of the best NFL teams in the United States. The Philadelphia Eagles have truly proven their worth. The team is based in Philadelphia and is highly competitive during the NFL (National Football League). It even went on to winning the Super Bowl in 2017 which was the first Super Bowl win for the team. The team retains its fourth NFL title and has won the Championship Game three times in the past in the years 1948-9, and 60.

Ever since its establishment in 1933, the Philadelphia Eagles started out as a replacement to Frankford Yellow Jackets which had gone bankrupt during that period. Norm Van Brocklin, Soony Jurgensen, Pete Pihos, Tommy McDonald, Reggie White, Bob Brown, and Bell are just a few of the names that have made their way to the Hall of Fame for Pro Football.

The New York Giants is one of the teams that the Philadelphia Eagles has an intense rivalry with and is considered to be one of the oldest. The NFL Network has even ranked it as the number one rivalry. While on the other hand, ESPN ranks it as the most fiercest and famous rivalries in the United States football league. Moreover, the Philadelphia Eagles also has a strong rivalry with the Dallas Cowboys which started out in 1960s. The main reason behind these rivalries is the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles have managed to remain their top spot as being the best in the league for attendance. Moreover, the team even went on to sell out each game they have played since the season of 1999. According to a poll conducted of different NFL fans, it was found that Philadelphia Eagles fans are some of the most intimidating out there in the world of NFL.

Secret Behind Their Success

Much of the success of the Philadelphia Eagles is accredited to Andy Reid who was the head coach of the team in 1999. It is with his leadership and experience that the Philadelphia Eagles quickly evolved and became one of the most dominant teams in the world of NFL. Due to his coaching, the Eagles were able to win division 6 times and made their way to the Super Bowl which is a huge accomplishment in such a short period of time. Andy went on to serve as the head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles for about 14 seasons. He is the only coach to serve the longest tenure in the history of the franchise. After Andy, Chip Kelly is the coach who took the Philadelphia Eagles to new heights and allowed the Eagles to win the most reputed NFC East Division title.

Betting on the Philadelphia Eagles

Online sports betting is extremely popular and Philadelphia Eagles Betting has become common. If you also see the potential that others see in the team, then you should bet on the Eagles to win it big. Show some support to the team by betting on it. Various online casinos are said to offer betting options on the Eagles.