Losing someone you love most is one of the most difficult parts of our life. It is extremely difficult to deal with and takes a lot of patience and strength. However, when you lose a loved one, you tend to think of ways to keep their memory alive. Besides, the person lives in your heart. A great way to show your love for a loved one who has passed away is by having a cemetery headstone and memorial for them. Now, if it is your first time losing someone you love, then chances are that you do not know much about cemetery headstones and memorials. This post will help you get a better idea of your options. Choosing the right cemetery headstone and memorial will truly symbolize your eternal love for someone.

There are many types of cemetery headstones and memorials. It is crucial to choose a unique one to ensure that it reflects your loved one perfectly. A cemetery headstone and memorial should cherish the life lived and celebrate their individuality. Read on to service justice to your loved one’s memorial.

Cemetery Headstones

Memorialize your loved one’s passing by selecting the right headstone as it would last a lifetime and more. The intricate design of the cemetery headstone has to reflect the life and personal tastes of the deceased. The life lived and the impact caused should be perfectly highlighted through a cemetery headstone. In a graveyard, it is the cemetery headstone that gives an identity to the loved one who has passed away. Since, there are different types of headstones, it is important to get a headstone that is suitable.

Types of Headstones

In order to choose the right headstone, one has to consider the images and text that should be used. Each image and words affects the overall look of the design. The main types of headstones that are commonly used are mentioned below.

Upright Headstone

It offers a more traditional design as compared to other types of headstones. Normally, upright headstones are made from limestone, marble, and granite. They have a concrete base and can be found fixed next to the grave. A typical upright headstone is about six inches deep, thirty inches wide, and forty-five inches in height.

Flat Headstone

Bronze or granite are normally used to make flat headstones. They are normally raised from the rear or flushed to the ground. Traditional headstones come in a wide range of materials, sizes, finishes, and colors.

Kerbed Headstone

It is a full-length headstone which lies flat on the ground. A kerbed headstone is at least four inches thick and offers many ways for personalization of expression. On top of a conventional upright headstone, a kerbed headstone is combined with bevel and slant markers.

Cemetery Memorial

Cemetery monuments and memorials allow you to express the life of a loved one in the best possible light. A cemetery monument comes in various types. The designing material and concept is extensive. Choose from a wide range of gravestone designs or headstones. Normally, there are two types of cemetery monuments. These are upright monuments and flat markers.  A cemetery memorial has the death date, birth date, a quote, and the name of the deceased inscribed on it. Moreover, epitaphs and inscriptions like “R.I.P (Rest In Peace)”, “Beloved”, and “Dearest” can be found on cemetery memorials. Other types of memorials include mausoleums, obelisks, grave markers, monuments, and the like. Furthermore, there are handicraft memorials as well. Some of the different types of cemetery memorials and monuments are mentioned below.

  • Estate and Family Memorials and Monuments
  • Lawn, Flat, or Flush Markers
  • Upright and Raised Memorials.
  • Granite and Bronze Memorial Statues
  • Grave Markers
  • Mausoleums
  • Cemetery Tombstones
  • Cremation Memorials
  • Obelisk Memorials and Monuments
  • Memorial Benches

Cremation Memorial

A cemetery memorial has containers and are quite similar to an upright headstone. It tends to be separate from the headstone.

Cemetery Bench

There is no need for a concrete base when it comes to a bench. There are many different types of  options that are available. These can even accommodate about six people.

Cremation Bench

Just like cemetery benches, a cremation bench does not need to have a concrete base. Moreover, it can hold remains of about six people. A cremation bench significantly enhances the overall aesthetics of a memorial garden.

Headstone Material

One of the most important things that one has to consider when selecting a cemetery headstone or memorial is the headstone material because it impacts the overall visual aspect of the design and the placement options. Keep in mind that metal and stone are capable of improving the longevity of the headstone. Some of the materials commonly used are described below.

  • Granite: It is considered as the most adaptable material for cemetery headstones. It comes in a huge variety of finishes and colors. Due to its durability, it is extremely popular. However, it is also the cheapest option as it is widely available. Certain churchyards only allow granite headstones to used to maintain a specific aesthetic.
  • White Marble: It is bright and has grey and blue textures. It has a similar aesthetic as veins. The finely rubbed finish of white marble gives it a smooth feel.
  • Limestone: It is another popular choice. With a fine smooth finish, limestones are a durable option.
  • Bronze: It offers great resilience. However, it would darken naturally over time which can be tackled with some maintenance.


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