Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world and is especially famous in United States. Although, coffee was not originally from America, but it is now the region with the greatest number of people to drink it. For most people, coffee is a morning drug, which makes them active and boosts their energy for the day.

There are many kinds of coffee and their different brews; however, one of the classic coffees which are known for their taste and specialty is the Americano. Americano is the coffee type that has come with a history and origin which is very interesting as well as serves just right for people who want to have strong but not bitter coffee. JayArr Coffee deals with the special blends of Americano, and all information you’ll need to know about this classic coffee.


What is an Americano?

For people who want a simple description of this coffee, Americano is simply a shot of express that has additional hot water. This coffee is very popular because of its type, and the classic flavor that it brings to your taste buds. The origin of this coffee is interestingly from the period of World War II, which marks the story of American soldiers who were fascinated using native expresso of the place. The soldiers were people of rich flavors who grew up drinking coffee, but espresso was unfamiliar to them. So, the idea that bloomed into their head was to add hot water into the drink to lessen the bitterness, and hence the famous black Americano came into being. Espresso means quick; referring to the high pressure of water into the finely ground coffee which creates the perfect, rich flavor. The most defining feature of Americano is the crema, which further enhances the flavor of this classic coffee.


Is Crema necessary for Americano?

Coffee beans for Americano need to be finely grounded such that the are processed with the essential oils. When they are processed with aromatic oils, brewing the espresso forces the oils to come out of the coffee beans, for example this one, thus forming a creamy, light brown substance on top which marks the quality of a good Americano. Although this is not exactly necessary, it is the property of quality beans and good coffee. It has become a label for great brew.


Specialty of Americano

The specialty of Americano lies in the difference of this coffee to espresso or regular black coffee. The difference between drip coffee and an espresso is a lot more than just the brewing of the coffee. This can be noted because the espresso does not have the sound of the brewing of coffee, and there are no sounds of filter or hitting of beans on the espresso machine lid. Rather, it is a quick and smooth process, perfect for people who do not like noise in the morning.

However, there is some force involved in making the Americano since the grounds must be tapped tightly and water should be hot and shoot through with pressure.  A defining feature of the Americano is the rich creamy texture that comes after the brew, and when you taste it, the flavor hits you just right.


Why Should You Choose Americano the Next Time You Buy Coffee?

Americanos are everything good in all coffees- combined all together. The coffee is not too roasted, the taste is not too bitter, the dripping of coffee is not burned, there is no noise of brewing and is quick in making as well. It is one of the most quick and rich coffees as compared to all types. This is the reason why Americans’ most popular coffee type is the espresso or Americano. The thing about Americano is that it comes with a variety of variability in its flavor. This classic coffee can be related in much similar way to scotch. Like a good scotch, the espresso grounds come from so many sources around the world, and all brewers have their own formulas and settings so the taste might vary.

If you are thinking that variability of flavor will cause shift in quality of the Americano, then it is false. Mixing the concept of an Americano with espresso is a huge mistake. Americanos are the best coffees in America, they are the best kind of black coffee you can get from anywhere, since they are known for their defined taste rather than too much of bitterness.

Understanding why you should try American the next time you go for coffee is as easy as this: Just get a bold espresso at first and sip it. This might give you a burnt or bitter taste in your mouth for some moments and it might feel like it is too overpowering. But, if you add hot water, you will be able to feel the taste of the coffee correctly and enjoy the coffee while tasting its diverse flavors. This is much similar to people adding flavors to their scotch and cocktails, how orange peels, lemons, olives are added to scotch and wine to enhance the taste of the drink even though they were fine at first. Usually, this is done for scotch to lessen the overpowering bitter or sour taste of the scotch.



Now that you know about Americanos, you should know how they are simple and the most convenient coffee option you can utilize. In case you still do not have an idea about Americano, try JayArr Coffee for a rich coffee experience. We know hoe hot water is added to espresso to lessen the bitterness, in Americano, some people also like to add milk to further reduce the bitterness and compliment the coffee just the way they like. For people who like to try different brews, the flavor of the Americano can also be adjusted according to the roast type and bean. This will not only give you the freedom to try different coffees, but to also enjoy them, and feel their true taste.