China government block the most popular website such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. To access these sites, we have to cheat Great Fire Wall, this method called Internet Censorship Circumvention(In Chinese we called it “翻墙”, “科学上网”). The most popular way to circumvent the Great FireWall in China is use the alternate DNS servers, as we know – the VPN services.


The Speed Test in China

In the past few months, people have often asked me how expressvpn is? Is there any free vpn, which is better for ssr nodes? Is it illegal to circumvent the wall in China, etc.

Wall101(翻墙101) tested serveal VPN and SSR tools in the 7 major cities in China. In order to show the real data, we mainly use Alibaba Cloud Server to test the VPN speed, respectively connection speed, download upload speed, Ping test. Providing the most real data to users and recommend useful VPNs.

I have tested more than ten kinds of paid VPNs, several free VPNs, and free ssr, including ios VPN, router VPN and so on. Most of them cannot be used due to the upgrade of the Great Firewall (GFW). For example, the NordVPN recommended by WallMama, FanQiangZhe, is no longer available after April 2020.

Then I choosed the VPN that can be used in China, and the useful circumvention software is recommended. They are LightYear VPN (LightYear VPN), ExpressVPN, PandaVPN, AstrillVPN


What Is the Keypoint we test

Regarding circumvention, there are already many websites that provide scientific Internet access or VPN recommendations. As far as I know, many evaluation websites are produced by circumvention software manufacturers as one of the ways of promotion. However, we do not favor any VPN or SSR nodes. Our VPN recommendations are adjusted and changed over time, and all recommendations are supported by data

Success rate

The first criterion of our evaluation is whether the software can circumvent the GFW in China. Whether it is SSR node or vpn software, as long as it fails to cross the wall after the test, it will not be further scored and recommended. At present, we only recommend “The VPN can still be used in China”.

Connection speed

The connection speed refers to the time it takes for the user to click on the connection in the software to actually connect and successfully overturn the wall. This is also one of the scoring criteria. Sometimes after the wall is updated, some VPNs can take nearly 20 minutes to connect, which is quite bad for the user experience. We will rate all connection speeds from 0 to 10, the fastest Connected is 10 points.

Download upload speed

The importance of speed performance after censroship circumvention from person to person, and it mainly depends on the kind of off-wall website to watch. Some people mainly use foreign video websites, such as accessing youtube. This kind of user has higher requirements for speed, we will download The upload speed is scored on a scale of 0-10 points, and the fastest is 10 points.


In the choice of VPN or the purchase of ssr nodes, we all hope to obtain cheap VPNs, useful ladders, and even see if there is a VPN trial. Therefore, in the recommendation of circumvention software, we will also rate the price from 0 to 10 points, and 10 points are the most cost-effective vpn.

The scoring criteria of our “wall circumvention software” also includes security. For example, wireguard is much safer than shadowsocks; the versatility of the product, such as ios can be successful, whether Android can also be successful; the ping, whether there will be any delay during the game or the video conference, etc.


If using VPN illegal in China?

The frequently cited rule is :

In the “Interim Regulations on the Management of International Networking of Computer Information Networks” issued in 1996,

Article 6 “Computer information networks must use the international access channels provided by the National Public Telecommunication Network of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications for direct international networking. No unit or individual may establish or use other channels for international networking.”

Article 14: “Those who violate the provisions of Article 6, Article 8 and Article 10 of these regulations shall be ordered by the public security organ to stop networking, give a warning, and may concurrently impose a fine of less than 15,000 yuan; if there is illegal income, the illegal income shall be confiscated.”

Here I want to give you a brief explanation. This regulation was designated in 1996 and amended in 1997. It is considered to be a very long age. Moreover, this is an administrative order, not a law, and it does not go to court. If there is an objection, it is subject to administrative reconsideration.

Therefore, it is an illegal act for an individual to surpass the wall, not an illegal or criminal act. It just violated the executive order. It is an illegal act if there are other dissemination of illegal information or illegal profits.