Valiant Comics is one of the largest names in the comic book industry. The company was founded in 1989, and most of its characters and stories were created throughout the 90s. The company differs from DC and Marvel in this way, with many of its settings being more liberal and modern than the other comic giants.

Valiant Comics was purchased by DMG Entertainment in 2018. It was a smart move from DMG, who plans to take advantage of the more than 2000 characters Valiant has in its arsenal. The entertainment production company is no stranger to comic book films’ success, having worked on projects like Iron Man 3 and Kick-Ass.

It was Dan Mintz, CEO and founder of DMG, that made the push to purchase Valiant. He saw the potential of the Valiant world and made plans to capitalize on it. You can learn more about DMG Entertainment here.


Bloodshot: The First Valiant Character on Screen

It is Vin Diesel that got to play the first Valiant Comics character on screen. He plays U.S. Marine Ray Garrison, a man that gets murdered alongside his wife while on vacation. Garrison is resurrected, and extremely enhanced, by genetic engineering company, Rising Spirit Tech. Garrison then becomes Bloodshot, a super-soldier for the Rising Spirit company.

Though his memory is erased when he first awakes, Bloodshot gains some of his past back over time. He tries to find out more about what happened to him and his wife, and that’s where the real story lies.

Vin Diesel’s portrayal in Bloodshot was generally well-received, and DMG Entertainment will indeed have banked on creating a sequel. First, they will start on a few more characters from the Valiant world.



Harbinger is the most likely candidate for the next spot in the DMG wheelhouse. Harbinger’s main character is Peter Stanchek, a teenage boy who has psionically-charged powers. His storyline starts in a small-scale battle with the authorities but magnifies as he is invited to join an X-Men-like home called the Harbinger Foundation.

This is part of the five-picture deal between Sony and Valiant.


Archer & Armstrong

Announced on the DMG website as an upcoming project, Archer & Armstrong is a story about an unlikely duo. Armstrong is an immortal warrior that has developed into a drunken wise-crack over the years, and Archer is a teenage boy that has trained his whole life to kill him.

The storyline offers an excellent opportunity for DMG to show how developed and well-rounded Valiant’s characters are. Casting will be crucial for this film, as chemistry is a must.


Faith and Beyond

Another announced project to come out of the DMG/Valiant merge is Faith. Faith is one of the Harbinger comics characters, and she is destined to be a fan favorite. The character is a strong-willed plus-size heroine, bringing a much underrepresented demographic to the spotlight.

After Faith, it’s anybody’s guess where DMG will turn. They’ve spoken about expanding the Harbinger world extensively and will probably take their time doing so. If the massive catalog of DC and Marvel films is anything to judge by, then Valiant will be on the screen for years to come.