Want to buy a new TV, but don’t have enough cash in hand?

Do you want to pay for your air ticket within 24hrs because there is some discounted scheme, but you don’t have enough cash?

We all face similar situations on daily basis and just because of not having enough cash, we get stuck.

Thankfully, you can make all such payments through credit cards and pay it back later.

In this article, I will tell you about the following things:

  • What is a Credit Card,
  • Different types of credit cards,
  • How to choose the best card for you, and
  • Top 10 Best Credit Cards based on Credit Card Karma ratings and review.

I got my credit card after checking reviews on Credit Card Karma so I will share my experience with you.

So, let’s find out.

What is a Credit Card?

A credit card is a plastic or metal payment card issued by financial company which is used to pay for goods and services without paying in cash. The financial company pays the seller of goods and services on behalf of customer. And the cardholder needs to pay back to financial company within certain time duration or else an extra fee or interest will be charged.

MasterCard, American Express, Visa and Discover are the four major credit card networks operating worldwide.

Types of Credit Cards

  • Standard ‘Plain vanilla’ cards
  • Student credit cards
  • Balance transfer cards
  • Rewards credit cards
  • Charge cards
  • Secured credit cards
  • Low interest credit cards
  • Cashback credit cards
  • Business credit cards
  • Credit builder cards
  • Airline miles credit cards

How to assess which card is for you?

  • Purpose of using a credit card

If you want it for general spending then you might look for low interest credit card or credit card with rewards program. Or if you are frequent traveler then you might choose Airline miles credit cards. So, you need to first decide about the usage.

  • Spending habits

You need to see which credit card will be best suited for your lifestyle. You might choose rewards credit cards if you are into dining out or purchase groceries at a specific store that gives discounts or rewards on a specific bank card.

  • Will you carry a balance

When you carry a balance, you choose credit card with lower interest and also look for good rewards programs on the card.

  • Rewards most useful for you

You only go for rewards credit cards if the rewards are useful for you. You won’t be interested if you get free air miles that can be used by the end of year but you don’t have any travel plans for this year.

Credit Card Karma

Credit Card Karma is a very good online website resource which reviews and rates different credit card products. With their help you can choose the best suited credit card for yourself and your family. There is no one-size-fits-all card so you need to first check your credit score and other aspects mentioned above before choosing a card.

Top 10 Best Credit Cards

  1. Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card

This rewards credit card gives you 30000 rewards points as sign up bonus and 3 times to 1 time regular reward points on various purchases, restaurant and travel. The regular APR is 14.5%-27%, which is 0% for first 12 months. No annual fee is charged.

  1. Citizens Trust Bank Visa Prestige Elite Credit Card

This low interest credit card offers 9.25% APR to its customers. And also charges no fees for balance transfer, foreign transactions and purchases. Only charges $1.5 for cash advance. No annual fee is charged.

  1. Wells Fargo Visa Signature

$625 worth bonus rewards are given if you spend $12500 within 6months. 0% APR is for 15months. Also no annual fee is charged.

  1. FNBO Cash back Visa Card

It is one of the best cash back credit card which gives 3% cash back bonus for first 6 months and then regular 2% cash back. The regular APR is 19%-26%. No annual fee is charged.

  1. Citizens Trust Bank Visa Privilege

This credit builder card offers low APR of 13.74%-21.74% and charges $30 as annual fee. No balance transfer fee and foreign transaction fee is charged. Only $1.5 is charged for cash advance, irrespective of the amount.

  1. SunTrust Bank Cash Rewards Credit Card

The best offer on this card is that it charges 0% APR for 15months. There is 5% bonus cash back, 2% cash back on gas and grocery and 1% cash back on other purchases. This card also offers low regular APR of 13% to 23%. No foreign transaction fee or annual fee is charged.

  1. Bank of Hope Rewards Visa Signature

5000 bonus rewards points, 3 times rewards on gas purchases, 2 times on travel and dining and 1 time on other purchases makes this card favorable for customers. 0% APR is offered for 12 months and the regular APR is 14.5%-22.5%. And no annual fee and foreign transaction fee is charged.

  1.  Wells Fargo Cash Back College Card

With 3% cash back in first 6months and 1% cash back on regular basis, makes this a best student credit card. The regular APR is 13%-23%. Also no annual fee is charged.

  1. BBVA Optimizer Credit Card

This card is best for those who don’t have a credit history. The regular APR of 20% is charged for purchase and balance. Also it charges $40 as annual fee.

  1. SunTrust Bank Travel Rewards Credit Card

This credit card is for customers who are fond of travelling as this card offers 3% cash back on travel purchases. Also 2% cash back on dining. The regular APR is 13%-23% but for 15 months your APR is waived for balance transfers. $89 is charged annually on this card but waived for first year. No foreign transaction fee which is great if you travel abroad frequently.


Now you know everything about Top 10 Best Credit Cards and I hope it will help you in choosing which credit card is best for you as per your needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and apply for your credit card and get rewarded for every purchase you make.