The Top 5 CMS for Your Website Development

Website development consists of many processes and is based on computer languages. The languages focus on Content Management System (CMS).  There are various content generating systems out there. However, they all provide different features. This is why, it is important for one to know about these systems in order to meet the requirements.

There are some which do not have add-ons. While, others are more complex to manage and most are overrated.  One might not know which system would suit them, which makes it a difficult process to choose which system is the best. Here are the top 5 CMS for your website development.


  1. Drupal: The Biggest and the Best

If you are looking for a CMS that offers big features then Drupal is your best bet. It provides some of the best services which one could possibly find. Being a robust content management system, Drupal has some of the best standards in place which make it easy for web developers to take their website development to the next level.

Drupal is a professional content management system. Websites that are based on Drupal are able to easily cope with crowded traffic. It has the ability to manage hundreds of pages on the website. More than 1.5 million websites around the world use Drupal such as NBC, Harvard University and the like. If you are a cold-blooded coder, you will love the way your website turns out due to Drupal. It helps create user-friendly interfaces for the websites while at the same time making the website appear seamless. Some of the features of Drupal are as follow:

  • Produces high-quality websites.
  • Has an incredible community support. You can also check out any of the many forums online to find out an answer for just about every single issue.
  • Has an extensive range of plugins and modules.
  • Provides customizable modules on top of blogging tools, sitemaps and search engine tools.
  • Ideal for ecommerce sites.
  1. MAGENTO: Has More Than Just a Magnetic Touch

If you are looking for a CMS that offers more than just a magnetic touch then Magento is the system, one should be using. Nike, Burger Kind and other big names use the content management system for their websites. According to Felix Garcia, a digital marketing consultant, it is suitable for small businesses and startups. There are different versions of Magento which one can use depending on their requirements. Design your website using the ultimate CMS. It can also be used for app manufacturing portals which handle iOS and Android based companies.

Powerful Features of Magento

  • It has a very conducive community where anyone without the knowledge of webbed codes can learn to use the many features of the system.
  • There are various extensions which can be used on the system.
  • It can even process different currencies from all parts of the world.
  • Has the capability to handle different language portals.
  • It simplifies things due to its three versions, namely the Enterprise Cloud Edition, Enterprise Edition and Community Edition.
  1. WordPress: The Most Popular

Just about everyone has heard of WordPress. It is the most popular and used CMS out there. It has the highest market share in the world for websites running on a system. It is completely free to use WordPress. Just about every single website can be seen using WordPress such as Forbes, Facebook or government institutions. More large companies are turning to WordPress for Enterprise websites. 

 If you want to take your website development skills to the next level then you need to use WordPress.

Main Features of WordPress

  • Worldwide acceptability
  • It has more than 50,000 plugins which range from free to paid plugins; there are many amazing theme developing tools that are provided by WordPress to create websites that are creative, comprehensive, extensive and highly appealing.
  • The result of CMS is pleasing.
  • Creates a user-friendly interface with ease.
  • Serves as an excellent troubleshooting assistant.
  • There is a large community of developers that are always there to help you out.
  1. Laravel: A Different Kind of CMS

Laravel has been developed by Taylor Otwell and the entire web framework has been based on PHP. There are various unique features that are provided by Laravel such as Query Builder, Model View Controller, simplified template engine and Object-Relational Mapping.

These features help equip the website with language that creates unique websites. Although, Laravel is new in the game and has a long way to go, it is still an amazing CMS.

Amazing Features of Laravel

  • Database management and verification are extremely easy with Laravel which helps free up plenty of time which might have been spent on setting up the basic elements.
  • Has a proactive community of developers who support the community.
  • Some of the box elements of Laravel include artisan CLI, convenient migration and database seeding.
  1. Joomla: Fashioned to Design Websites

If you are looking for less complex and more stylish CMS then Joomla is your best bet. It is an amazing tool which website developers can use to create unique websites. It is highly popular among web developers. It offers the ease of website creation unlike other CMSs out there. There is endless possibility of what can be done in terms of content on the system. The object-oriented encoding techniques make it easily programmable and the ultimate tool to use.

Main Features of Joomla

  • Suitable for back-end networks that have more than 7000 extensions.
  • Ideal for building a catch website.
  • Requires less effort to manage the content management systems.



The top 5 CMS options mentioned in the article are all incredibly useful and can help take your website to the next level. Although, there are limitations to each of the systems, make sure to use them to find out which works best for you. Use the services of UtoMedia as it is one of the best Website Development service providers out there. Having a website has become absolutely necessary in today’s day and age.