How to Add a Space or Line Break in Your Bio on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms. It is an important place where businesses and everyday users connect with one another through the sharing of images, videos or text with the help of Instagram posts and stories. An important part of one’s instagram profile is the bio. It is the first thing which people look at when they view your profile. After profiles, the second most popular thing people look for is instagram follower count. If you want help boosting your followers or likes there is cheap and effective solutions to accomplish this.

One might have seen different types of captions and some which are worth the read. Now, it is possible that the bio might have a huge load of text without any space or line breaks which makes it extremely difficult for one to read or process. Messy bios can have a counter effect on the popularity of your Instagram profile. However, some influencers and brands have to write a bio that is lengthy so as to ensure that all the information has been included.

Now, it is possible that you have to share a lot of information through your bio. This leads to the risk of making it too difficult for people to read the bio without any proper formatting. Therefore, people can easily lost interest in your profile and you will lose the opportunity to engage with them or impress them.

It is the main reason why this post is important for you as it will guide you on how to add a space or line break in your bio on Instagram. Read the entire post to gain a better understanding on the steps which need to be taken to attract people.


Tip No. 1: Avoid Writing the Bio Directly on the Instagram App

The reason why you are reading this post is due to the fact that you want to format your Instagram bio on the app. However, that is not the way to go. If anyone tries to add a space or link break, in their bio on Instagram, it would automatically become zero-spaced, no matter how much one tries to press on the space bar on their Smartphone or tablet. It can be extremely frustrating for anyone who knows the importance of good formatting, even if you are an Instagram expert and you buy instagram followers.

The answer to the problem is quite simple, instead of writing the bio directly within the Instagram app, head over to your phone’s Notes app. Just write the bio on the app, copy and paste this onto Instagram in your personal profile settings. As a rule of thumb, avoid writing directly on the Instagram app if you want to avoid the zero-spacing format on the app.


Tip No. 2: Use Extra Space

Line breaks are important as they signal the end of a sentence and the beginning of another. If you want the invisible link break to work, you need to take out extra space between the punctuation, last word and the invisible space. When finishing a sentence with a full stop, instead of pressing on the space button like you normally world, just press on the return or enter button after tapping on the full stop. It will add an invisible space.


Options to Add Space in Instagram Bio

There are many ways through which one can add space to their Instagram bio. The following options will come in handy depending on your needs and what is convenient for you.


Option 1: Use Symbols to Add Line Breaks

One of the easiest ways through which, one can add space to their Instagram bio is by making use of symbols. It takes little to no time to do so. Furthermore, it allows you to type directly on the Instagram app. Make use of characters such as a period or dash, and even emojis whenever in need of a line break. The extra character acts as the space in between paragraphs.

A problem with this option is the fact the symbol one uses would be visible. Therefore, not many people would consider using this option as it might deter the seriousness of the bio.

How to Use this Option:

Head over to you Instagram app and directly to the bio section. Type the bio in the area, when one needs a line break, they will need to tap on the return or enter button on their keyboard. In the next line, just add a symbol. A period could also be added in order to make the visibility as low as possible. Tap on the return or enter button once again and type the next paragraph. The same steps can be repeated for adding more paragraphs.


Option 2: Use the Phone’s Notes App to Add Invisible Line Breaks

Anyone wanting to add an invisible line break can use the Notes app on their phone. Simply add the invisible line break on the app, copy and paste the invisible line break onto the Instagram app. Paste the same multiple types for more invisible line breaks.



Following the above techniques will help you to add a space or line break in your bio on Instagram. It is easy and simple to do so. Don’t give up and just do as above to make your bio look attractive and readable. You can also check this resource if you want to add a link in an Instagram story without 10k followers.

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