The Trend of Blueberry Farming In Japan

Blueberry is one of the most delicious berries out there. It is normally found in North America and Europe. However, not many people know that blueberry farming in Japan is quite popular. By the end of August, as warm nights become cool, blueberries become ripe for harvesting in Japan. The reason why blueberry is so popular is because of the fact that it is relatively rare for the blue bounty to be found in Asian countries. Berry picking is a common pastime among Europeans and North Americans during the end of the summer. People make their way to the outskirts of villages and towns to pick out the ripening berries. Picking delicious berries is a lot of fun. Hence, Japan has taken notice of this activity and there has been a rise in blueberry farming in the country. ブルーベリー offers the best blueberry farming experience to everyone interested in tasting the freshest blueberries of the season.

In Japan, there are three zones where blueberry plantations do not just thrive but are encouraged. The highland areas of the middle of Honshu, the mainland (northern regions of Honshu), and northern high bush located in Hokkaido. The growth season of blueberries occurs during April to October. August is the most popular time to go blueberry picking in Japan. It is important to note that high-quality blueberry production can be a serious challenge during the rainy season. It is during this time that the soil type changes from volcanic ash and experiences low drainage. Extensive research has been conducted in Japan in order to determine the best place as well as technique to grow blueberries. The main aim of the research has been to cultivate bigger and sweeter blueberries.


The thing about blueberries is that they only grow well in climates that are similar to their natural origins. Morinohatake is located in the beautiful area of Nagano. It is just 500 meters away from the Joshinetsu Expressway. Thus, Morinohatake is in an excellent location and can be easily accessed by car. Moreover, the farm grounds are the perfect place to experience agricultural delight. The grounds are completely covered with sheets. You can easily explore the grounds on high heels and sandals.

Become a Blueberry Tourist

Morinohatake is an incredible blueberry farm that is the ideal place for blueberry tourists to visit. Enjoy blueberry picking activities and relish the taste of blueberry goodness once you have done the picking. Located in the middle of Nagano makes the Morinohatake blueberry farm open to the beauty of nature. It offers an out of this world experience.

There are over 2000 blueberry trees in pods. Each tress has super fresh and juicy blueberries. Savor the delight that are blueberries during your time at the Morinohatake blueberry farm. Furthermore, the entrance fees are just nominal and anyone wanting to experience the joy of blueberry picking can join in on the fun. After all, blueberry picking at Morinohatake is considered to be one of the best outdoor activities in Nagano. Morinohatake is considered to be the best blueberry producing farm in all of Japan.

Highest Quality

Morinohatake has continuously been ranked in top place for being one of the best blueberry farms in Japan. The quality of the blueberries is phenomenal. It will make you forget North American and European blueberries.

Furthermore, Morinohatake also hosts some retail outlets that offer the freshest blueberries, ice cream, and jams. There is even a cafe in the farm where you can taste some of the amazing blueberry savories. Blueberry picking activities start every year during June to August.

Head over to Nagano and Morinohatake to be more precise to have the time of your life. Experience the beauty of Japan and savor the taste of blueberries like never before at Morinohatake. High bush blueberries are more popular in Japan as compared to other types of blueberries. Furthermore, they are more healthy for the elderly as they provide a good amount of propanol. Foreigners and the Japanese alike can be found at Morinohatake, blueberry picking the best produce.

Natural Serenity

Morinohatake is surrounded by natural serenity. It is ideally located and provides a good break from the city life. With a cooler climate in Nagano, the farms are just waiting for you to explore them. Take in the nature and pick blueberries till you drop.

Extensive History

Blueberry plantations were first introduced in Japan in the year 1951. Ever since their introduction, blueberries became extremely popular in the country. However, commercial blueberry culture took some time to take root and was initially slow. It was only after the 1980s that the demand for blueberries started to soar. Blueberry plantation grew from a mere 10 hectares to over 400 hectares during a short period of time. Thus, the domestic supply for blueberries could not meet the demand for blueberries. With more than 10,000 tonne of frozen fruit that had to be imported, blueberry became the fruit to eat. Japanese consumers are conscious about their preferences when it comes to fruits. They prefer fresh fruit over other forms of fruits. Besides, the Japanese are well-aware of the many health benefits of blueberry consumption.

Picking Blueberries

If you are planning to go blueberry picking at Morinohatake, then you need to keep in mind that the activity can easily take at least 3 hours. Blueberry picking takes a while because you need to be able to accumulate a sufficient amount of blueberries in order to share them with friends and family. But, if you want to freeze the berries for ice cream or are interested in making jam, then you should spend about 6 hours at Morinohatake. It might seem like a long time but it will be worth it if you bring your friends and family members along to join in on the fun. The amount of blueberries that you can pick depends on your own efficiency and just how high the blueberry bushes actually are. High bushes are your best option in order to pick more blueberries.

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