For people who love superheroes and scientific fiction, the love for Sideshow collectibles and Hot Toys is guaranteed. This love remains because of the beautiful figures that have been made for the pop culture, as well as for the die-hard fans to spend their money on and display their love through these Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles. These are the small figures that are carefully crafted with professional techniques and love to create the spitting image of your favorite characters. Th sideshow collectibles and hot toys can be inspired by movies, to comics, to screen franchises and so many other areas of entertainment. So, if you are a Marvel Fan, you need to head out any look at the sideshow collectibles collection for the year as well as the hot toys and see what makes these so popular.

In the previous and latest collections of sideshow and hot toys lineup, you can find a huge lineup of figures which have been created for all the die-hard fans like you. For instance, you can always find the classic Star Wars collection and the ever-increasing Marvel collection. The Marvel collection features the inspiration from both movies and comics and caters not only to the scientific fiction lovers but to all the nerds as well. Figures involve Wonder Woman, Batman, Spiderman, Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Starfighter, Darth Vader and many more!


Hot Toys vs. Sideshow Collectibles

When it comes to the comparison of both, hot toys and sideshow collectibles, the choice becomes a bit difficult to make. This is because both have their own range of figures as well as the quality that they provide. Just until a few years ago, before the whole Marvel takeover, the sideshow collectibles weren’t that popular and hot toys were the prominent winner out of the two. Sideshow is very famous when it comes to their sixth scale figures!

The sixth scale figures are the Darth Vader and the Dead pool figures which have taken over the fans in a breeze. You can observe in any of the shop displays how the Deadpool displays always get appreciation from the customers and undivided attention. This is because the dedication in craft, professionalism, and the attention to detail in these are marvelous; as well as the accessories loaded onto the figures is amazing. Not only this, you can also note their sculpting technique, the finishing, and the clothes that are designed are impeccable as well. Because of this excellent attention to detailing in the figures, the Sideshow collectibles range of figures beat the Hot Toys Deadpool to market for almost a year. So, we can say for now, the higher popularity percentage is in favor of the hot toys; but the status is variable, it keeps changing with new editions and ranges. You can also look for the marvelous chronic collectibles as well how they have marked their name by introducing the Jurassic Park/World and Conan the Barbarian sixth scale figures. They were first shown in an exhibition in San Diego, unfortunately, we have not seen them yet in the market.

It is important to remember that despite the competition and range offered by both companies, Sideshow and Hot Toys both have collaborated to introduce a new range of Star Wars Figures, which makes them equal partners instead of competitors. In this new venture, Sideshow will act as the original distributor of the Hot Toys products and will also have the official license to export them to other continents as well. These will be delivered to Europe, America, and self-distributed by Hot Toys in Asia. You can say that their collaboration is one of the biggest events that is to come, since both are one of the most popular companies to provide six scale figures and of such fine crafting, which makes them so unique around the world.


More About Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow collectibles range consists of about 150 figures only from the Star Wars range and just in the last ten years. These have been developed by them separately, and some of the collection was introduced and launched in cooperation with Hot Toys. This unique and creative partnership of both the companies displays the spirit of teamwork and collaboration in them and has given us some of the best figures of time. The expected figures are to feature Star Wars film as well and both Hot Toys and Sideshow have collaborated once again for this venture since the eagerness and demand of the fans increases every year to get the figures.

Sideshow works with dedication and creativity every year to meet the needs of the fans and develop the best and most advanced figures in terms of their pose, their clothes, their intricate details and features which makes them real. Their Star Wars range is regarded globally as one of the leading brands in the world, and every time the pressure to develop new figures can be stressful as well.

Sideshow collectibles started their mission to make their favorite characters an icon of reality from all the entertainment platforms, such as television, comic, and films etc. They are now officially the distributors and manufacturers for the most original and licensed products which are loved globally and are always high in demand.


More About Hot Toys

Turning towards Hot Toys, this company was introduced in 2000 and is one of the most high-end collectible brands which offers expert designed figures with impeccable and intricate details of the characters and heroes. The Hot Toys are remarkably known for their creative military figures, the Marvel series which is a hit to this day, as well as the figures from not only video games, but even the world’s renowned celebrities as well. They have marked their name since the very beginning and were at the prime time of their business till Sideshow cam over as their competitor. Now, they both stand as one of the most popular and originally licensed companies in the world and as official distributors around the world.