Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with over a billion monthly active users who can be found on the app all day long meaning that it is an important platform to grow your business or your own individual account. There are many benefits of having an instagram with many followers, likes and even comments.

When your instagram accounts has more likes, followers and comments, it will become easier for people to find your instagram account and chances of them following you increase. An instagram account which is popular is more likely to get recognized and it will help with branding and the brand image of the company.

Now, if you are starting out with instagram or are looking for ways to grow your instagram, then you need to use the best bot out there that will help achieve your goals. Bigbangram is the bot you need to use in order for your instagram account to grow significantly. Here are the reasons why you need to be using Bigbangram asap.


Provides 6 Instagram Bot Services with Just One Bot

No more having to use different bots or services for different reasons such as to get likes or to increase followers because Bigbangram is the bot you need to be using, it provides all 6 instagram bot services such as likes, followers, unfollowing, direct messages, posts and comments.

The bot is all you need to increase your likes and followers. It helps unfollow all those accounts that unfollow you, helps send direct messages, posts online for you and even comments. Just think about how easy it would be to have all these services in one place because Bigbangram will give you that and much more.


Targets the Best Audience

Another great thing about Bigbangram is the fact that it has the capability to target  your best audience for you. No other instagram bot is sophisticated enough to do this but the technology used for Bigbangram makes it all possible with just a tap.

Targeting your best audience is easy for the bot and it will ensure that only those people follow you or like your posts, who are actually your target audience. It helps you interact with the best target audience.


Best Way to Increase Followers & Likes Automatically

Bigbangram provides you with the best way to increase followers and likes automatically through its unique technology that has been made with your needs in mind. Increasing your followers and likes will be simple, reliable, comfortable and safe when you use Bigbangram.

We all know that it can be quite risky having to use any of the promotion programs as these programs make use of prohibited actions that could end up having your instagram profile being banned or suspended. This is why you need to use Bigbangram as it has a software that is based on a unique technology which provides you with the highest safety.


Amazing Features

The bigbangram software provides you with amazing features. You will instantly see the results when you use the software.


Auto Follow Bot Feature

Why wait for someone to follow you when you could be using the power of followback. You will get to follow your target audience and see if they follow back. The auto follow bot feature gives you the best smart targeting filters to find the right people to follow automatically.


Auto Like Bot Feature

Likes are important as they help increase your accounts visibility and are a great way to keep in touch with your existing followers and help attract new ones. Use the auto like feature to exchange likes on the Bigbangram software to make it big on instagram. The feature allows you to start your very own targeted campaign to get likes and attract new followers through the use of the feature.


Auto Unfollow Bot Feature

Do you want to be able to unfollow a 100 users with just a click of a button? Instagram might not allow it but when you use Bigbangram, you will be able to do that. All you have to do is specify how many people you would like to unfollow and the feature will do that for you, without unfollowing any of your friends.


Provides Daily Results

The software sets daily limits to allow your instagram account to gain a minimum of 40 to 50 followers a day. You can set your own targets in the customize feature on the software.


Schedule Posts

Sometimes, it is hard to regularly upload posts due to a busy schedule which is why the Bigbangram software allows you to create and schedule posts so that they can be published whenever you want without you even having to go on instagram to upload or check.


Multiple Accounts

We all have multiple instagram accounts for our various needs such as for our personal lives and for our business which is why the Bigbangram software provides you with the multiple accounts feature. It is one of the best features out there. Manage your multiple accounts with ease, after all why should your other accounts lack in followers or likes when you can use Bigbangram.


Provides you A Welcome Gift

If all of the above features weren’t enough for you then you need to know that Bigbangram offer a welcome gift to new users of the software.Every single new client will receive a welcome gift. The welcome gift provides you with 5000 likes for free. That’s a lot of likes.

In order to avail the welcome gift, all you have to do is create a new account on the software, purchase a month subscription plan or more from the 13th of March, 2019 to get the gift. It is important to also write to Bigbangram on or the live-chat until the 31st of March, 2019 to get those 5000 likes now!


Use the Ultimate Instagram Bot

With so many benefits of using the instagram bot, just register yourselves now to use the many features of the bot.