The internet holds many vast and useful treasures for the savvy digital advertiser. From on-page ads to social media ads to influencer marketing and more, the possibilities are becoming truly endless. Today, GrowME Marketing is looking at Google Ads specifically and how they can be leveraged to your advantage for SEO in Ottawa. Let’s get started.


Five Ultimate Tips for Google Ads

Include Relevant Keywords

When making Google Ads as part of your SEO in Ottawa strategy, ensure the use of relevant keywords. Ideally, these keywords should match the keywords used for your content marketing but adjust accordingly for the demands of the platform. Remember to also use geotargeting wherever possible as a way to drive traffic to a physical storefront, as this Google Ads specialist suggests.

Check Out the Competition

The nice thing about Google Ads is that it allows you to see exactly what your competitors are saying, which helps level the playing field and inform you about the best tact to take. Simply searching your keyword will show you the wording and structure of local and national competitors alike. Just keep in mind that copying a strategy exactly is never a good idea, so don’t base all your decisions on what someone else is doing.

Don’t Be Afraid to Adjust Your Strategy

The accuracy of Google PPC Ads allows you to transform your Ottawa SEO strategy into a powerful conversion machine. The only way to do this, however, is by monitoring and adjusting your strategy as time goes on. Watch where you are losing traffic and make adjustments accordingly, and pay attention to trends that might affect your keywords.

Use Call to Action Statements

Although it seems obvious with the name, many Google Ads simply don’t function as advertisements. They make statements about benefits or features, sure; however, they do not entice or invite customers to actually choose them over another option. Call to action statements, especially specific ones, are a great way to tell your customer what to do and offer them the path to do it.

Negative Keyword Lists Are Your Friend

Just as important as targeting the right people with your ads is not targeting the wrong people with them. Google penalizes ads that are targeted to certain topics and demographics, so it is always in your best interest to avoid activities that would breach these guidelines. Learn what the common topics to avoid are, and be sure to do research on your specific keywords as well.

Using these tips, you can transform your next Google Ads campaign into a powerful conversion machine. But, it isn’t enough to just harness these tips without fully understanding the possibilities. For a truly next-level campaign, you will need to harness the power of education and expertise.


Utilize the tools available to you to learn more about the platform, such as the Google Ads Skillshop courses. Take the time to read through the help sections included on the platform, and don’t overextend your knowledge without fully understanding the core concepts first.


Expertise is something that we can’t provide! You’ll just have to go out there and try these things for yourself. You should also consider talking to experts in Google Ads to learn from their decisions and ideas.