Watches have always been much more than just a timepiece, they are an expression of style consciousness, prestige and fashion sense. No wonder, then, that the market for high-quality watches is enormous and that there is a suitable model for every individual taste. From discreet to eye-catching, precious or in the low price segment, the selection has it all. Despite the mobile timepieces that everyone carries in their cell phones today, the watch remains a decorative utensil that every fashion-conscious person likes to wear on their wrist.


What are the watch trends in women’s watches?

From filigree to sporty, from feminine to elegant, the selection is not only huge for men’s watches. The fashion-conscious lady also wants to adorn herself with a first-class timepiece. As in fashion, watch manufacturers also follow the trend in the production of timepieces and always bring new models on the market. Elegant jewelry watches, which are nevertheless discreet, are just as popular as unisex watches, which have a classic and restrained look.


Multiple watches for different looks

Even if every smartphone can show the time, many style-conscious ladies do not want to do without a decorative watch. In order to underline their personality and to be able to enhance any styling with the right watch, some ladies purchase several different watch models at once, which can then be combined to suit the respective mood of the day or different occasions. This can also be seen at the international watch fairs, which offer a wide range of different models.


Durable jewelry bracelets

Jewelry bracelets made of durable materials such as canvas, but also rubber or silicone are absolutely trendy this season. According to your mood, the jewelry bracelets can be changed, so you can customize your watch depending on your mood. Thus, of course, it is also possible to combine his timepiece again and again with his outfit, so that it can become a uniform result.


Feminine watches

Especially among bloggers, you can always see elegant watches in a feminine style that can skillfully emphasize the elegant business look. The classic ladies watches adorn the wrist and yet remain restrained and do not look ostentatious. Whether in timeless silver or gold or with an elegant leather strap, the feminine watches in a classic business look are the must-have this year.


Which brands are particularly popular this year

Here, too, bloggers in particular are making a statement, as it becomes apparent that demand for the respective watches increases after a successful post. In this regard, some names are often talked about and thus become interesting among followers and buyers.


Daniel Wellington

Again and again, the hottest influencers show themselves with watches from the Swedish label Daniel Wellington. Especially the younger generation buys the unique designs of the Swedes. Efficient marketing on social media allowed the hip brand to quickly gain great popularity and is now considered one of the most popular brands for mid-priced watches.



A simple timeless design is the hallmark of Cluse watchmakers. Interestingly, the timepieces are handcrafted, as you can interchange the straps and customize your watch over and over again. The versatile timepieces inspire fashion-conscious ladies.


Michael Kors

The fashion designer can also hold its own in the watch business. Especially lovers of fine watches will be delighted with the Michael Kors range.



Restrained and stylish, this is the best way to describe MeisterSinger timepieces. The classic watches are an investment that pays off. Interested parties can find MeisterSinger at Zeitlounge.



Photo from  Free-Photos auf Pixabay