While planning to travel to your favorite destination on a vacation, it is certain that you might forget to decide what you should wear! Even if you do not actually forget that, you might find yourself confused to figure what could be the best outfit for your long hour’s travel. If you are looking for giving a complete makeover to your travel look, then even IFCHIC have some really cool collection to choose from. Well, it is not a good idea to rush to the airport with those dowdy and bumpy outfits, right?

Here’s all you need to consider before selecting the best outfits to make your travel attire look trendy!

  1. Most important – Top

The first thing to consider while deciding what to wear on your way to your favorite vacation is your top! Something that feels light and soft is the ultimate way to feel comfortable.

Most of the women like to wear tops that are usually very long as airplanes are generally having a cold atmosphere. In addition, wearing something under the long top, that creates a balance between the cold atmosphere in the flight and hot air flashing in out there, is a great idea as vacillation in body temperature is normal while traveling.

  1. It must be comfortable down there!

Comfortable pants are another important part of your travel look. It is imperative to think about the “being comfortable” thing when you are on a flight for long hours, here uncomfortable outfits will make you hate your airplane journey, especially if it is a poky flight. Need not to mention the obvious, wearing tight pants will squeeze your thighs and cause irritation to your skin.

Instead, you can try some loose, casual and wide-leg pants made of stretchable material. Adding more, it should have some colorful prints to cool more trendy and cool.

You can also try leggings; most women have leggings as their first choice for long hour travel. The reason being leggings are flexible soft and hence, comfy! Letting in more air to your legs, it let your legs breathe more. Wearing these with a long top or something that covers all your bottom would be a nice idea as it is gracious to cover up in a teeming place.

  1. It’s better to layer up

When I say layer up, it is to be noted that hot flashes or summers are not the sole reason to be encrusted. There are circumstances that might lead you to cover up your face. From a delay in the takeoff of the flight to sitting on the runway for almost as long as an hour long, you may feel overheated! Also, on the other side, while you’re in the plane, the chilled air in the plane because of the gusting air-conditioner may force you to cover up with a scarf.

Sometimes, the blanket provided is as thin as a toilet paper that’s why carrying along a scarf is a better idea, always!

A big scarf can be used for so many activities as you can use it as a blanket, you can simply roll it up to make a pillow or just cover your eyes with it when you sleep.

  1. Sometimes, it’s great to discard the heels!

It is not a hidden fact that you need to do a lot of walking at the airport these days. From ticket check-ins to baggage drop off or from security check to finally the plane! It can be a hectic and tiring long way, right?

Doing it all wearing heels, terrifying enough, right? Moreover, honestly speaking, it is not worth it too! There is a wide range of footwear available in the markets that are comfy and classy at the same time. Try them and ignore the heels for your way to the airport.

Closed toe shoes are considered the best kind of footwear to wear on a flight. Some of the serious reasons being an event of an emergency like a crash or fire, it is easier to escape with closed toe shoes, as they will guard your feet from the effect of fire. We give less of thought to such events but no one ever knows how and when these things could happen, so it’s better to be safe.

Apart from the security thing, these kinds of shoes are easy to remove while in a security check at the airport.

  1. The love for black fits in here!

Places like an airport are usually, crowded and you have to take extra care of your expensive clothes. It is better to wear dark color clothes; they are also popular for travel purpose because no matter what, they don’t flaunt the dirt on your dress. When you are traveling with your family, especially with kids, it’s better to wear something dark or more precisely black because they often spill stuff on your dress in the plane and black or dark color dress will hide it out.

Our personal recommendation for you would be to wear something bright in the top with a dark bottom, as it will add up more to your style quotient. Bright colors are more like happy and pleasant colors that match up with the dark pants or bottoms that you are wearing.

Even on a short duration flight, wearing a bright color pant will keep you worried about the dirt and stuff, if you are not worried about it in short duration flights then you can surely wear bright colors on your way to the airport.

  1. Don’t carry the load!

There are many ways in which you can decide how and what kind of luggage you want to carry with yourself. Most of the women love the bag with a long strap that allows hands-free roaming around, it also allows them to carry on their suitcases.

While traveling with family, there is a lot of stuff that your family members including your kids might want you to carry for them. In such a case, a big tote bag can help you with all this, as it will have a large space to take on everything you put in it. This is how all your stuff will remain in one place and it will make more convenient for you too!



Traveling is about leisure. The whole idea of choosing the best outfit for your airport look and all that you wear on a vacation is to connect comfort, travel, and leisure with each other. When it comes to carrying bags, make sure you do not carry a bag that has hard build material. It could be very uncomfortable for you and that’s obvious, right? Try all these tips that we have discussed above before selecting your airport look and I am sure you will no longer find yourself stuck in any kind of confusion with outfits and stuff!