The digital world is one to keep track of with its ever-changing trends and features. The Internet has totally managed to change our lives. We are in the era where we enjoy a high degree of convenience just having an internet connection. One can now even earn money in a variety of online means. Among these, URL shortener sites are quite popular.


What is a URL Shortener Website?

These websites offer tools or services that allow one to shorten a long URL. These shortened URLs can then be embedded on other web pages. If it is a paying URL shortener service, then you will earn money every time someone clicks on the links. This is possible as ads are placed within the redirect. Nowadays, URL shortening is also used for the purpose of link tracking and analytics, link branding, link retargeting, and embedding UTM parameters using a URL builder.


Things to Consider

If you are looking for the best URL shortener to make money, you should consider a few important factors. Here is a list of these factors to help you:


Closure and Disruption

Don’t choose a relatively new or unreliable URL shortener website. If the service closes down of gets frequently interrupted, the URLs would become useless. Use a service known for monitoring spam links.


Security and Privacy

You should be careful when it comes to the misuse of your links. If the service is vulnerable to hacking, the shortened URLs might be disguising malicious web pages such as pornography and unwanted downloads. If your links become hacked, they can be easily avoided by smart internet users. Not only will you lose profit but become the victim of lots of hassle and inconvenience.


Use of Meaningless Characters

Short URLs typically contain meaningless characters. These are unidentifiable by the search engines as keywords. There is nothing to show what the link someone is about to click contains. Therefore, try getting a service that can customize the shortened links with a provided keyword.


Link Blocking

If the shortened URLs are hacked, they are likely to get blocked. This is another reason you should be careful about choosing a reputable service that can prevent such hacking and other malicious activity.


Type of URL Redirect

The main aim of getting a shortened URL is to make search engines credit your site and not the link shortening service website. The way to determine the location of the credit is the type of redirect used. Varying URL shortening websites use different HTTP redirects. The best choice is a service that makes use of a 301 permanent redirect.

By following the above-mentioned considerations, you can easily find the best URL shortener services. To make better money, you should be looking at the highest paying URL shortener websites. If you are looking to make an easy profit online and own a personal blog or website, these services are quite convenient and beneficial. Compare a few before finalizing a service to use.