Are you thinking of using URL shortener? A URL shortener is not a new phenomenon; however, not everyone knows about them. It is a tool that helps in converting a normal URL into a condensed form. This tool is easy and simple to use, you just have to copy the regular URL and paste it into the tool. The tool will produce a short version of the URL that is 10 to 20 characters long. This will help in link tracking, retargeting, branding, and embedding UTM parameters.

The market is flooded with URL shortener companies; not all of them offer the same features. This makes picking one shortener a daunting and challenging task. To make it easy for you, we have listed a few tips that will help you get the best URL shortener to make money. Have a look!


Free or Paid URL Shorteners

The best tip for choosing the right URL shortener is to determine whether you need a paid or free shortener. This depends on your business; if you have a small business or want to share a few links on your social media, then it is advised to use free URL shorteners. On the other hand, if you have a medium to large business and your aim is to generate traffic, you should go for the paid solution. Though you want to earn money, you will have to make sure you get the right shortener for your needs.


There are various things that will help you decide which solution is perfect for you. Following are some of the factors:


Focus on Your Budget

One of the things you need to focus on when getting the URL shortener is your budget. In case you want to drive huge traffic to your site and have the resources to track it, you can settle for high tiered solutions. If you are in the initial stages, it will be better to go for a free or inexpensive URL shortener.


Purpose of Using URL Shortener

Though many businesses are using the URL shortener, their purpose is different. There are some businesses who want to earn money through URL shorteners while some want to embed UTM parameters.

Not all the URL shorteners are made equal, some are good for embedding UTM while some are good for making money. Since your aim is to earn money, you must choose the URL shortener offering such services.


Clicks You Need

For choosing the best URL shortener, you need to figure out how many clicks you need. If you want to have less than 2,500 clicks, it is recommended to use a free service. Since you want to make money, you will need more clicks. For this, it is better to get paid solution. So, it is advised to keep in mind the clicks you will be needing when selecting the best URL shortener.

In the end, to help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of Highest Paying URL Shortener. By keeping in mind these tips, you can make sure you invested in the right URL shortener tool.