Hounslow is the principal town in the London Borough of Hounslow. Hounslow has a lively cultural scene of colourful festivals and performances and plenty of sports and outdoor activities on tap, so just in case you’re considering moving here with your family or just visiting, this article has a list of some really awesome places that you and your kids could spend a lovely weekend.

So, check out some of Hounslow’s finest places to visit on a weekend or a weekday!


Hounslow Urban Farm

Hounslow urban farm is best for a great day out with the family, there’s something to do for everyone… Owl meet and greets, bouncy castle, small parks, ride on tractors, go-carts, trampolines, pig races, a shop full of souvenirs and also where you could buy the animal feeds to feed the sheep and a nice cafe with selection of food where you could relax a bit while the little ones run around. And children under the age of 2 get a free pass!

It’s always a fun-packed day at the Hounslow urban farm. Another amazing fact about the urban farm is that it helps you cut down on budget. How? If you leave the vicinity after you’ve paid you could always come back as it’s an all-day pass.  And the parking is totally free and you could even park on a little field right next to the farm, this way you don’t have to take a long walk to get to the farm and if you’re driving a classic car it’s still safe to park there as well.

The staffs are wonderful with the children and also equally wonderful with the animals, so you don’t have to worry much. They provide children’s lunchboxes as well as sandwiches, hot drinks etc. There are lots of picnic benches around the farm and a designated picnic area just in case you want to have a lovely picnic with your family.

Although the Hounslow urban farm opens all year round, they do not open on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day. So, take advantage of all their openings and enjoy a wonderful day at the Hounslow Urban Farm!

Click here to visit the Hounslow Urban Farm.


Jungle Versatile Indoor Play

If you’re not comfortable with letting your kids play outdoors in the open this weekend then the jungle versatile is just the right place for you. The jungle versatile indoor play is suitable for babies and toddlers (0-3), young children (4-8) and older children (9-12). Your little ones get to keep warm and at the same time have lots of fun….. It’s a win-win!

And if you’re wondering what fun activity could be held indoor….. Then take a look at this, it’s a jungle inside a house! An ideal place to swing from vines (actual ropes) or crawl through a tunnel and down the slippery slides. And like the jungle it’s well ventilated, you get to the feel the cool breeze it’s almost like you’re in an actual jungle! Well, courtesy of air conditioning… and unlike the real jungle you’ve got free Wi-fi!

And when your little Tarzan is swinging from vines and crawling through tunnels, you too could have a blast at the five star rated café offering an array of hot and cold food and drinks, as if that’s not enough they’ve also got amazing child classes and a fun interactive games floor, which is the perfect spot for a little bit of harmless family competition!

Other than these amazing fun-filled activities, they also plan awesome birthday parties and other seasonal events. Well, here’s a boredom free zone for both you and your kids!!

Click here to visit the Jungle Versatile Indoor Play!


We Make Footballers Hounslow

Do you have a budding sportsman in the house? Or perhaps a young coachman in the making? Well, we have different football sessions and scouting clubs here for you to check out. Our services range from;

Weekly Training; We Make Footballers offer indoor and outdoor training on a weekly basis throughout the year (during term time) to help players learn and play football in an organised, fun and safe environment. We offer training to boys and girls aged 4-12 years old. The training is aimed at three different ability categories. Training for absolute beginners, players who play at local grassroots level and lastly players who want to make it to a professional academy. So, if you’re looking for a weekly training session for your kids then we’ve got you covered.

1-on-1 Training Sessions; We make footballers offer 1-on-1 coaching for kids, just in case your little one couldn’t make it for a usual training session then this might just be able to cover up whatever they’ve missed. Or if you want some extra time on the football coaching training, this also covers it. Only Senior Coaches who have been awarded the WMF 1-on-1 Coaching Badge are able to provide these sessions. All of our Coaches work from the We Make Footballers syllabus and methodology, however, each coach has their own unique style and personality.

Holiday Camps; we also have a holiday camp to help players improve their footballing ability as we get to work with them closely for long periods of time. Football is a perfect way for both boys and girls to make new friends and create their own identity. Our football camps are as much about social development as they are football development. So, register your kids at our holiday camp and we’ll take them off your hands for the holiday while you kick back and relax a bit.

School Training; we offer one of the top school football coaching programmes in the country. Running the best in class coaching programme outside of schools gives us access to some of the top coaches in the UK. We also have an intensive training programme that all of our coaches go through to ensure the quality stays at the highest of standards at all times. So, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your child would be trained by a professional!

Meanwhile, if you’re in need of party planning group, we also have lots on offer – some of which offer activities to little ones as young as 3 years old! Why not take a look at our profile and see what we have installed for you and your little ones…

Click here to visit We Make Footballers Hounslow.


So, if you’re stilling wondering where you and your family could spend the weekend then visit one of our recommended fun city. Promising places with loads of great activities to do in the area that is suited to kids with all manner of tastes. There are also plenty of parks and a lovely beach that make Hounslow an ideal place to head for a day out.