With the winters being on their full swing, most the people are worrying about their furnaces. There are a lot of questions which goes like this, should I get a new furnace or should I get it repaired? Should you repair or replace your furnace? Or how much does it cost to have a new furnace? Well we have got answers to all your problems. If your furnace is creating problems then the very first thing that you should be doing is to get it checked by an expert. He will give an idea about the cost which it take to get repaired. If the cost of repairing your furnace is somewhere near to the cost of buying a new one then it is our suggestion that you should go for the one because even after you will spend the money to get your furnace repaired, there is still not guarantee that it will not broke again and it is possible it becomes a slippery slope and you might end up investing more money in an old furnace the total cost os a new one. Here is your complete guide to buy a new furnace:

Average Cost

Before you jump on to figures you need to understand that the cost of buying a new furnace depends on many factors and it can vary a great deal from one person to another according to their requirements for example the size of the place, the technology and features of the furnace and many such other factors play an important role when it comes to the average cost of changing a furnace. Another big factor which plays its role is the company from which you are buying your furnace. Different companies have their own different prices. The price can go from $1,150 to $1,950 including the cost of installation. Again these are not any hard core prices you can always chose the furnace which suits your finance the best. Although there are certain important things which you need to know before buying and installing a new furnace in your house or work place.


Do the Math

Before reaching to a decision that either you should buy a new furnace or get the previous one repaired, make sure that you have done you math properly. Make a proper cost benefit analysis before rushing into any decision. It’s your hard money and you should spend it wisely.


Figure out the size

The size or measurement of the place is the most important thing. You should be aware of your requirements so that you don’t end up spending any extra money. Once you know that what type furnace is required for your place it will be easy for your to figure out that how much money will it cost to you after installations and if it is over cost effective or not.


Efficiency of previous and new furnace

Not only you will need to gather information about the new furnace you are going to buy but also you should know each and every thing about your old furnace. Trust us it very important if you want to save some bills. It will give you an idea that how that new furnace you are going to buy is better than the old one or how better it should be than the previous one. Note down the features you want to have in your in your new furnace and you will be all good to buy a new furnace which will make your house cozy all winters long.


Environmental Friendly

The furnace you are going to buy should be environmental friendly because it is our first and the most important duty to protect the environment and we live on this very Mother Earth. Always make sure that the furnace you are going to buy is not toxic for your environment because if it is toxic to environment than it will ultimately affect you at the end of the day. This leads us to our next point.


Type of Fuel

The type of fuel which is required for your furnace plays an important part all most every aspect of buying a furnace. If it is not cheap like gas it will increase the overall cost of your furnace and it will add up to those bills every year which you wanted to save at the first place. It obviously it should be environmental friendly as well.


Installation quality

You don’t want your brand new furnace to be ruined just because it wasn’t installed the way it should be. Always take help for the professionals because if your furnace is not installed properly at the first time, it will cause problems every other day and thus is will cost you a lot of money even on the new furnace. Therefore don’t compromise on the installation and always take of the professionals.



You should check before buying a new furnace that how much maintenance does it requires on regular basis. You don’t want to spend on maintenance every other day because that’s the reason you got the new furnace at the first place.


Check on your pets and allergies

You don’t want to get sick or your pet to get sick therefore it is important to see if the furnace can cause any kind of allergy. It mostly happens when you change a furnace and the fuel type which gets changed with it and if doesn’t suit you it can give you some serious allergies to you or your pet.


Zoning system

If you want to have different temperatures in different zones of your house then you should get a furnace with excellent zoning system.

The bottom line is that if you want to have a new furnace then you should be very well aware of your need so that you always end up with the best furnace for you and that too by not wasting a single dollar.